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The City of Salzburg

With about 140,000 inhabitants, Salzburg is large enough to have an urban feeling, but small enough to be manageable and safe. The old part of the city, nestled on the Salzach River amid rocky hills, coexists with a modern world of shopping centers and apartment buildings. To learn more about Salzburg, please visit the Salzburg GMBH website (German version).


You will live in one of the Austrian student residence halls, which remain open during the holiday periods and the semester break. The Austrian residence halls are not run by the university, but by various social organizations and are located throughout the city. To give you every chance to use German, we will try to pair you with a German- speaking roommate.


If you choose the meal plan you will get a weekly food allowance (we anticipate 75 Euro in 2010-2011) to cover your meals. If you do not choose the meal plan, you will manage your own food budget. Whatever you choose, you can eat where you like (cook in the residence hall, visit the university cafeterias or local restaurants). Most of our participants have enjoyed the independence this gives them and have preferred it to the typical U.S. residence hall food arrangements.

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