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You will spend the second year of graduate study on the Bowling Green campus in Bowling Green, Ohio. At Bowling Green, you will take courses within the department and in related fields to complete your credit requirements (a minimum of 32 semester hours is required for the M.A. degree; at least 24 hours must be taken within the department). In addition, you must either write a thesis (plan I) or pass comprehensive exams (plan II) to complete your M.A. in German.

A minimum of 50 semester hours evenly divided between the two disciplines is required for the Dual Degree program. Dual Degree students pursuing the thesis plan write one thesis on a subject relevant to both fields.

The following Dual Degree Programs are available through the AYA program:
German and History
German and Political Science
German and Music History

The Department of German, Russian & East Asian Languages

Graduate study in German at Bowling Green takes place in a friendly atmosphere. The department emphasizes personal guidance and advising. The curriculum is flexible enough to meet a variety of student needs and career orientations.

A special feature of the department is the writer-in-residence program, sponsored by the Max Kade Foundation, which brings an Austrian or German writer to campus each fall semester. In addition to public readings, the writer ordinarily teaches a course on contemporary literature for advanced undergraduate and graduate students.

You can take part in the German Drama Workshop in the spring semester, You will be able to participate in activities, such as the German Club, the weekly Stammtisch, and the International Film Series.

There are also many opportunities to become acquainted with German and Austrian exchange students who are on the Bowling Green campus each year.

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