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Artwork at the Residenzplatz - an upside down helicopter!





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First off, we would like to ask for your understanding as we continue to work on the Salzburg Info webpages. Unfortunately, not all of the pages (and quizzes) work right now and we hope to get them up and running in the future. We hope you still enjoy our websites and will keep you updated with our progress on them on this welcome page.

Update : 10 November 2006 - We've updated this site to include the "20 Views of Salzburg". We hope you enjoy them! Just click on the link at the left or HERE to take a look!



Salzburg: The City of Sound of Music, Mozart, and Red Bull

Although you may not know it, Salzburg has a long and important history, not only for it's depiction in the Sound of Music or because Mozart was born there, but because of many other things as well. For example, most people don't know that the Red Bull energy drink was actually created in Salzburg by Dietrich Mateschitz.



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