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Information about Salzburg


General Information about Salzburg provided by Salzburg locals
General Information about Salzburg from Tourismus Salzburg GmbH (German version)

General Information from the Salzburger Nachrichten (a Salzburg newspaper)(German version)
Lonely Planet Online Salzburg guide

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Information about Austria


General Information about the Province of Salzburg (German version)

Tourist Information about the Province of Salzburg (German version)

General Information about Austria

General Information from the Austrian National Tourist Office (German version)

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An Encyclopedia of all things Austrian


Local Interest Information


Salzburg Red Bulls Official Website (Salzburg Professional Soccer & Hockey teams)
The University of Salzburg homepage (Note: most pages on the University website are in German)
The Salzburger Festspiele (Summer Festival) Homepage 

The Stiegl Brewery Website (German Version)
The Silent Night Museum Website (German version)
The World's Largest Ice Caves (Eisriesenwelt) Website

Hellbrunn Castle
Salzburg Residenz


Transportation Information


Salzburger Verkehrsverbund (Salzburg Dept. of Transportation - Only in German)

Salzburg Airport Website


Language Information


Test your german at!

German-English-German Dictionary at

German Acronyms

German Grammar Help at

List of Austriacisms (words unique to the Austrian german language)

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