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The Mozarteum

Qualified students of music can take one or two courses per semester at the Mozarteum. These courses are in addition to regular program courses.

To apply to the Mozarteum, submit a recording, certified by your instructor, for preliminary evaluation by faculty of BGSU's College of Musical Arts. If favorably evaluated, the tape will be sent on to Salzburg to be evaluated by the faculty of the appropriate department at the Mozarteum. A final decision on admission is made on the basis of a personal audition and written test (Aufnahmeprüfung) held in Salzburg , usually during the last week of September. The audition committee of the Mozarteum expects an applicant to reflect a superior level of quality, development, and artistic expression.

Particular emphasis is placed on the following criteria in auditions: (1) highest level of technical proficiency and instrumental command; (2) period and stylistic understanding of performed compositions; (3) extensive and comprehensive repertoire.

The Mozarteum offers classes in composition, music theory, conducting, keyboard instruments, string instruments, wind and percussion instruments, church music, voice, and opera. You should be aware that the Mozarteum charges an additional tuition fee (now approximately $750 per year) that is not covered by the BGSU program fees. If interested, contact the BGSU Salzburg Program Coordinator for further course information. Please indicate instrument or area of study.

Other Musical Opportunities

Any participant in the Salzburg program can usually arrange to take lessons and will also find ample opportunity to participate in singing groups or ensembles.

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