George Bullerjahn, Ph.D.

Professor, Department of Biological Sciences
516 Life Sciences Building
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Biographical Facts:

Ph.D., University of Virginia, Biology, 1984
A.B., Dartmouth College, Biology, 1977

George Bullerjahn

Research Interests:

Our work is currently focused on the regulation of nutrient-stress-inducible genes in cyanobacteria. We have identified genes and gene products inducible under nutrient (N, S, P) limitation and stationary phase conditions, and this work has aided in the development of whole-cell biosensors detecting the bioavailability of nutrients in environmental samples. Secondly, we examine the composition and dynamics of cyanobacterial communities in aquatic systems. Third, we are examining the structural requirements for productive electron transport in photosynthesis by studying the protein-protein interactions occurring between the copper protein plastocyanin and its reaction partners (Photosystem I and cytochrome f).

Selected Publications:

Kutovaya, O.A., R.M.L. McKay and G.S. Bullerjahn. 2013. Detection and expression of genes for phosphorus metabolism in picocyanobacteria from the Laurentian Great Lakes. Journal of Great Lakes Research 39: in press.

Small, G.E., G.S. Bullerjahn, R.W. Sterner, B.F.N. Beall, S. Brovold, J.C. Finlay, R.M.L. McKay and M. Mukherjee. 2013. Rates and controls on nitrification in a large oligotrophic lake. Limnology and Oceanography 58: 276-286.

D’souza N.A., Y. Kawarasaki, J.D. Gantz, R.E. Lee, B.F.N. Beall, Y.M. Shtarkman, Z.A. Kocer, S.O. Rogers, H. Wildschutte, G.S. Bullerjahn and R.M.L.McKay. 2013. Diatom assemblages promote ice formation in large lakes. ISME Journal 7: 1632-1640.

French, E., J. Kozlowski, M. Mukherjee, G. Bullerjahn and A. Bollmann. 2012. Niche differentiation between ammonia-oxidizing archaea and bacteria based on differences in their growth responses to environmental factors. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 78: 5773-5780.

Kutovaya, O.A. R.M.L. McKay, B.F.N. Beall, S.W. Wilhelm, D.D. Kane, J.D. Chaffin, T.B. Bridgeman and G.S. Bullerjahn. 2012. Evidence against fluvial seeding of recurrent toxic blooms of Microcystis spp. in Lake Erie's western basin. Harmful Algae 15: 71-77.


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