Farida Selim, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Physics and Astronomy Department
Office: 172 Overman Hall
Phone: 419-372-9956

Biographical Facts:

Joined the faculty in 2013

Farida Selim

Research Interests:

I use positron annihilation spectroscopy, perturbed angular correlation and other advanced spectroscopy techniques to study condensed matter systems. Current research activities include study of diluted magnetic semiconductors for spintronics, study of exciton dynamics in photonic materials and study of wide band-gap semiconductors for optoelectronics. Other research interests include physics of antimatter interactions and in flight positron-electron annihilation.

Selected Publications:

Book: Zinc Oxide, The Future Material for Electronics, A Comprehensive Review on ZnO Physics and Defects, Editor: Farida Selim, ISBN: 978-81-308-0392, Research Signpost, 2010, under release.

G. S. Collins, X. Jiang, J. P. Bevington, F. A. Selim, and M. Zacate, Dependence of diffusion mechanism on indium composition in lanthanide indides having L12structure, Physical Review Letters 102, 155901, 2009.

F. A. Selim, J. P. Bevington and G. S. Collins, “Diffusion of 111Cd probes in Ga7Pt3 studied via nuclear quadruple relaxation”, Hyperfine Interactions 178, 87, 2008.

F. A. Selim, M. H. Weber, D. Solodovnikov, and K. G. Lynn, “Nature of Native Defects in ZnO”, Physical Review Letters 99, 085502, 2007.

F. A. Selim, D. Solodovnikov, M. H. Weber, and K. G. Lynn, “Identification of defects in Y3Al5O12 (YAG) crystals by positron annihilation spectroscopy”, Applied Physics Letters 91, 104105, 2007.


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