Healthy Living / Weight Stigma Research Groups


Our research group is committed to helping people live healthier lives. We are dedicated to promoting healthy eating, an active lifestyle, and the maintenance of a healthy weight.

Our ongoing research projects include weight loss and weight loss maintenance interventions, applying a stepped-care approach to the treatment of obesity, and examining the psychological,behavioral, and physiological predictors of successful weight loss and maintenance.

In addition, we are committed to reducing weight stigma. Despite increased attention to the obesity epidemic, little has been done to stop the bias and discrimination that obese children and adults face every day. The social consequences of obesity include discrimination in employment, barriers in education, biased attitudes from health care professionals, stereotypes in the media, and stigma in interpersonal relationships.  

We have a new weight loss program beginning in January, 2014.  Call us at 419-372-9296 for details or e-mail us at

Explore our website to learn more about who we are and what we do. Some additional information on the new weight loss program can be found by clicking on the "Interested in our Weight Loss Program" Link on the left side of the page.

Robert A. Carels
Associate Professor of Psychology