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Welcome! This International Advertising Resource Center, updated every two months and created since 1996, collects literature and information sources useful to international advertising researchers and practitioners. It consists of 11 major sections:


  1. International Advertising Research
  2. Global Advertising Overview
  3. Global Media
  4. Pan-Asian Media
  5. Media by Country
  6. Top 10 Multinational Advertisers and Agencies and Fortune Top 500 Global Companies
  7. Advertising by Country
  8. International Communication Sites
  9. Other International Business Reference Sites
  10. Professional International Advertising Organization, and
  11. International Advertising Awards

Based on this author's expertise, this resource center specializes in advertising research resources on Greater China. In addition, it also links to research resources on other Asian Pacific countries, Europe, the Middle East, Africa,Canada, the United States and Latin America. As the Internet has become an increasingly important medium for international advertising, you'll find this resource center has added a lot of links to the Internet usage in different countries. You will also find hotel bargains, travel tips, currency converter,world time zone, international business customs and airline information which will make your life much easier as an international advertising researcher. You can read the compliments to this site by prior visitors.

International Advertising Research

Periodicals/Publishing Outlets


Bibliography by Subject 

World Advertising Research Center

Global Advertising Overview

Worldwide Media Report by McCann Erickson

Top 50 Advertising Organizations

Top 10 Global Ad Markets

Top 40 Markets by GDPs

Classical Examples of International Advertising Mistakes

IDC/World Times Report of IT Development of 55 countries around the world

Global Media

CNN - World News Main Page


USA Today

BBC Worldwide Asia/Pacific 

Chinese Television Network


Voice of America (The U.S. International Broadcasting Bureau Server)

Pan-Asian Media

Action Asia

Asia Magazine

Asia, Inc. Online

Asia Business Daily

Asian Business Watch

Asian Internet Statistics

Far Eastern Economic Review

Media: The Marketing and Communications Newspaper for Asia

Star TV

Orientation: Asia's Web directory

Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library 

Radio Free Asia

Media by Country

Fortune Global 500

2002 Top 10 Multinational Advertisers (Ad Age Global Marketing Report Nov 10, 2003)

  1. Procter & Gamble Co. Worldwide advertising expenditure US$4,479 million
  2. Unilever. Worldwide advertising expenditure US$3,315 million
  3. General Motors Corp. Worldwide advertising expenditure US$ 3,218 million
  4. Toyota Motor Corp. Worldwide advertising expenditure US$2,405 million
  5. Ford Motor Co. Worldwide advertising expenditure US$2,387 million
  6. Time Warner.  Worldwide advertising expenditure US$2349 million
  7. Daimler Chrysler. Worldwide advertising expenditure US$1,800 million
  8. L'Oreal. Worldwide advertising expenditure US$1,683 million
  9. Nestle SA. Worldwide advertising expenditure US$1,547 million
  10. Sony Corp. Worldwide advertising expenditure US$1,513 million

Major Advertisers by Region

2001 Top 10 Multinational Advertising Agencies (Ad Age International, April 2002)

  1. Dentsu. Worldwide gross income: US$2,078.1 million
  2. McCann-Erickson. Worldwide gross income: US$1,857.9 million
  3. BBDO Worldwide. Worldwide gross income: US$1611.7 million
  4. J. Walter Thompson. Worldwide gross income: US$1,536.1 million
  5. Euro RSCG: Worldwide gross income: US$1,441.2 million
  6. Grey. Worldwide gross income: US$1,321 million
  7. DDB Needham. Worldwide gross income: US$1,214.6 million
  8. Ogilvy & Mather. Worldwide gross income: US$1,135.4 million
  9. Leo Burnett. Worldwide gross income: US$1,072.3 million
  10. Publicis Worldwide. Worldwide gross income: US$1,066 million

Advertising in Greater China

(You may need to use Chinese software to view some of the links here)

Leading Advertisers and Agencies in China

Beijing Page

China Advertising Association

Asia Society on China and WTO

China Business Net Pages

China Central TV Station


China Gate

China Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation

China Internet Network Information Center

China Pages

ChinaNet by Beijing Telegraph Office

China Online

China Polls and Survey

China Marketer's Guide by J. Walter Thompson China

U.S. China Business Council

China Embassy in the U.S.

Inside China Today

People's Daily Media Channel

Most Popular China Web Sites/Portals




Capital Online(

Shanghai Online

Chinese Yahoo


China Advertising Literature


Hong Kong Advertising Hot Sites

1. Multinational Advertisers in Hong Kong

Aeon Credit Service (Asia) Co., Ltd.

Apple Computer, Inc.


Bo Bo Tea (International) Ltd.

Citibank Hong Kong

Fidelity Investments Management (H.K.) Ltd.

Midland Realty

Microsoft Hong Kong

Nokia (Asia-Pacific)

2. Local Advertisers in Hong Kong

Chow Sang Sang Jewellry Co

Hang Lung Group

Hong Kong China Gas Co. Ltd

South Pacific Hotel

Wing Hang Bank, Ltd.

Hong Kong Business Hot Sites

Hong Kong Search Engine

Hong Kong Business Guide and Business News

Hong Kong Trade Development Council

Hong Kong Yellow Pages

Food Easy

Finet Online

Hong Kong Tourist Association

Hong Kong Government

Hong Kong Broadcasting Authority

Hong Kong Telecommunications Authority

Hong Kong Media Hot Sites

China News Services

Hong Kong Cyber Daily

Hong Kong Asia Television Station

Metro Broadcast

Ming Pao Daily

Next Media

Apple Daily

Sing Tao Daily

South China Morning Post

Ta Kung Pao

Hong Kong Internet Service Providers

Hong Kong Link

Hong Kong Star Internet Co

Hong Kong Supernet

Hong Kong Sky Net


Macau-CIA Factbook

Macau Government


Singapore Tourist Association


Leading Advertisers and Advertising Agencies in Taiwan

The Asian Pacific Media Center (formed by Taiwan to promote Taiwan's media industry in the region)

ROC Online

The Republic of China Yearbook

FIND Report of Online Usage in Taiwan by Taiwan's Department of Industrial Technology

Other Asian Pacific Countries

Leading Advertisers in Asian Countries



Australia and New Zealand

Leading Advertisers and Agencies in Australia

Australia Internet Usage Statistics and Search Engines

Australian Bureau of Statistics

Access New Zealand


Leading Advertisers and Advertising Agencies in India

India On-line


Rediff on the Net


Leading Advertising Agencies in Indonesia


Leading Advertisers and Advertising Agencies in Japan

Dentsu Advertising Museum

Japan Times

Japan Network Information Center

South Korea

Leading Advertisers Advertising Agencies in South Korea

Korea Share (Ad Information on Korea)

Korea Consumer Protection Board


Leading Advertising Agencies in Malaysia


Leading Advertising Agencies in Pakistan


Leading Advertising Agencies in Thailand 


OECD Guidelines for Consumer Protection in the context of Electronic Commerce

Leading Advertisers and Agencies in Europe

European Association of Communication Agencies

EUROLINK : The Pan European Web Index

European Public Opinion


Central Europe Online

Yahoo Europe's Pan-European Internet Audience Survey

Europe Internet Usage

Leading Advertising Agencies in the United Kingdom

Yell: The UK Web Guide

NOP Research Group's Internet Usage Study in the United Kingdom

Engage Technologies and NVision Study on Internet Usage in the UK

UKPlus: Reviews of UK-relevant sites

Advertising Standards Authority (United Kingdom)

Abweb: The UK Media Source on the Internet

London Times

Internet Usage in Croatia

Leading Advertising Agencies in France

Le Monde (in French)

French Internet Society

Online Commerce in France

Leading Advertising Agencies in Gemany

Burda Medien-Forschung(advertising trade magazine in German)

Spiegel on-line (In German)

BMW AG (Germany)

Henkel Group (Germany)

Leading Advertising Agencies in Austria

Austria IAA Chapter

Leading Advertising Agencies in Belgium

Leading Advertising Advertisers in Bulgaria

Leading Advertising Agencies in Bulgaria

Medialive: Ireland Media information Center 

Leading Advertising Agencies in Italy

Assiform's Italian Internet Usage Report

Internet Usage in Netherlands

Leading Advertising Agencies in Poland

Media and Marketing Poland Magazine

Leading Advertising Agencies in Portugal

Leading Advertising Agencies in Russia

Association of Outdoor Advertising in Russia

Russia Today

Russian Bibliography

Russia Internet Usage

COMCON Russian Internet User Study

Leading Advertising Agencies in Spain

Leading Advertising Agencies in Denmark

Leading Advertising Agencies in Norway

Internet Usage in Norway

Leading Advertising Agencies in Sweden

Volvo AB (Sweden)

Leading Advertising Agencies in Switzerland

The Middle East

Internet Usage in Qatar

Leading Advertising Agencies in Turkey

Medya Text - Turkey's Largest Web Server (mostly in Turkish)

Internet Usage in the Middle East

Leading Advertisers in Saudi Arabia 


Internet Usage Statistics in Africa

Leading Advertising Agencies in South Africa

Links to South African Advertising Agencies

Biz-Community: Online News for South African ad industry

Webcheck study of 400 white teenagers' online usage in South Africa

Africa Policy Center

African Studies Web Links

Latin America

Leading Advertisers and Agencies in Latin America

Latin America's Advertising Market 

Zona Latin America (Advertising and Media Sources)

Latin America Business Directory

Leading Advertising Agencies in Argentina

Leading Advertising Agencies in Brazil


E-Commerce in Brazil and Latin American Countries


E-Commerce and Internet Usage in Latin Amercia

Leading Advertising Agencies in Chile

Advertising Agencies in Columbia

Leading Advertising Agencies in Costa Rica

Leading Advertising Agencies in Ecuador

Leading Advertising Agencies in El Salvador

Leading Advertising Agencies in Guatemala

Leading Advertising Agencies in Mexico

Leading Advertising Agencies in Nicaragua

Leading Advertising Agencies in Panama

Leading Advertising Agencies in Paraguay

Leading Advertising Agencies in Peru

Leading Advertising Agencies in Puerto Rico

Leading Advertising Agencies in Uruguay

Leading Advertising Agencies in Venezuela

North America


Leading Advertising Agencies in Canada

Canadian Adnews

Canadian Consumer Protection

Institute of Communications and Advertising(national ad association in Canada)

Statistics Canada

Canadian Media Awareness Network (Advertising Issues and Statistics)

CardMedia: Link to Canadian Advertising Industry Web Sites

A.C. Nielsen Canada

The United States

Advertising World

Association of National Advertisers

American Advertising Federation

Leading Advertisers in the United States

International Communication Sites

Asian Media Information and Communication Research Center

Chinese Communication Associaton(CCA)

The International Division of AEJMC Site

International Association for Media and Communication Research(IAMCR)

International Communication Association(ICA)

International Newspaper Marketing Association

The Foundation for International Communication

International Communication Resources

Other International Business Hot Reference Sites

The World Bank

International Monetary Fund World Economic Outlook

World Economic Forum

MSU Center for International Business

The International Trade Adminstration of the United States

International Business Cultures


Pangaea Global Business Directory

US International Trade Statistics

Global Business and National Trade Data Bank

Professional International Advertising Organizations

International Advertising Association

International Advertising Awards

Cresta Awards (International Advertising Association)

International Advertising Festival in Cannes

The Clio Awards

Caples International Awards (Direct Response Advertising)

The International Advertising Festival of Ireland (Sharks TV Advertising Awards)

International Automotive Advertising Awards

New York Festivals International Advertising Competition

International business customs

Travel Tips

Association of Business Travellers

Biz Travel

The Travel Channel Online Network

Tourism Offices Worldwide Directory



Preview Travel


Hotel Bargains

Hotel Discounts

QuickBook hotel discount services

Travel Web

Places to Stay


Currency Converter


World Time Zone

Airline Hot Sites

Cheap Tickets


American Airlines

British Airways

Cathay Pacific Airlines

Consolidators Directory

Delta Airlines

KLM Airlines

Northwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines

United Airlines


AirTran Airways

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