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Dr. Louisa Ha will attend an invitation only Competitive TV Summit by Broadcasting and Cable Magazine with 36 TV industry leaders on the future of TV business in Orlando, Florida, March 4-5. She is one of two invited academic attendees of the summit.

1. The TCOM alumni mentor program:
Each TCOM major can apply to receive mentor support from one of our TCOM alumni advisory board or standing committee members. Students can use the mentor for one or more of the following functions:
• Provide opportunities to shadow them on the job
• Help establish links for internship opportunities
• Provide feedback on work produced in TCOM classes (please do not do so until they have received a grade for the assignment)
• Establish regular phone or email conversations to talk about the progress you are making and offer suggestions
• Provide suggestions for an effective resume and portfolio
• Offer feedback on resume and portfolio
• Conduct mock interviews prior to internship interviews
• Invite students to professional meetings (such as NAB and NAPTE) and other networking functions
• Provide contact and job lead information
• Be a “sounding board” for students as they establish their career goals

2. Brent Walton, a TCOM senior, is a winner of the 2008 Indie Gathering Award for his movie trailer, “Keys to the Kingdom.”  The work, a project produced in Dr. Mascaro’s TCOM 468 class, was showcased in the Indie Gathering Film Festival.

The “Indie” Gathering Film Festival exists to showcase the independent filmmaker. Its mission is to inspire and encourage film makers through a competitive showcase of independent features, documentaries, shorts, music videos and trailers. Filmmakers participate in their screenings and after the films speak with audience members who seek a closer look into the creative.

3. Canchu Lin, Dept of Interpersonal Communication, and Louisa Ha, Dept of Telecommunications’ co-authored article, “ Subcultures and Use of Communication Information Technology in Higher Education Institutions” will be published in the Journal of Higher Education, the top research journal in higher education.

4. The TCOM department welcomes four new alumni advisory board members and subcommittee members.  See details in the TCOM department alumni web page.

The Words Beats & Life Global Journal of Hip-Hop Culture invites filmmakers to submit works for the inaugural WBL Hip-Hop Film Festival in Washington, D.C. Click here for more information.

Dr. Park and Dr. Ha to present and serve as panel chairs in the Media, War and Conflict-Resolution Conference held Sept 17-19.

Dr. Sung-Yeon Park will serve as panel chair of "Media Coverage and Controversy" and "Peace Journalism, Peace Media - Part II" and present her paper titled, "In Search of a More Sympathetic World: Exploring the Potential of Entertainment Media for Peace," in the Media, War and Conflict-Resolution Conference held at BGSU Sept 17-19.
Dr. Louisa Ha will serve as panel chair of "Media Politics" and present her paper titled, "The Role of Webcasting in Regional Politics and International Politics: The Case of Greater China," in the Media, War and Conflict-Resolution Conference held at BGSU Sept 17-19.

Dr. Ha's book to be translated to Chinese by Tsinghua University Press.

Dr. Louisa Ha's award-winning book, Webcasting Worldwide: Business Models of an Emerging Global Medium, will be translated to Chinese and published by one of the most prestigious university presses in China, Tsinghua University Press by the end of 2008.

Dr. Park's coauthored article on Korean American wedding practices to be published.

Dr. Park's has an upcoming publication in press:
Kim, Y., & Park, S. (In press). Reverse Acculturation: A new cultural phenomenon examined through an emerging wedding practice of Korean Americans in the United States. Family and Consumer Research Journal. (Equal contribution. Authorship in the alphabetical order).

Dr. Ha's Television and Radio Research book chapter to be published this October.

Louisa Ha's book chapter on TV and Radio Research, will be published this September in D. Sloan and S. Zhou (eds.) Research Methods in Communication, published by Vision Press.

Dr. Mascaro's article on NBC newsmagazine published in Television Quarterly.

Tom Mascaro has published an article in the latest issue of Television Quarterly, entitled: "They Beat the Clock--NBC's Innovative Newsmagazine, David Brinkley's Journal (1961-63)." The text is available at The article is a historical account of the origin and significance of a documentary-style newsmagazine program, including recognition for its influence on 60 Minutes.

Dr. Yun's book chapter on Web log data analysis published.

Dr. Gi Woong Yun has a book chapter published this year. The unit of analysis and the validity of Web log data. In B. J. Jansen, A. Spink & I. Taksa (Eds.), Handbook of Research on Web Log Analysis (p. 165-180). Hershey, PA: IGI.

Mr. Cardena served as Director of Photography for feature film

Mr. Jose Cardenas, Lecturer, is the Director of Photography for feature film, "Closed For The Season" Produced by Shadow Cast Pictures, by BG grad Jay Ellison, crewed by several BG alums as well as recent students

Dr. Ha's Nigerian Knowledge Center research project receiving continuing funding support

Dr. Louisa Ha's Nigeria Knowledge Center research project with Primus Igboaka, a SCS Ph.D. student, received a US$10,000 donation from Dr. A.B.C. Orjiako's, Chairman of Odrec Limited and Orjiako Foundation, to continue its operation after its pilot completed last year. The project originally received US$10,500 support from the Emerald Research grant and the resulting research article has been published in the top business journal in the UK, Management Decision.


TCOM major web community on Blackboard system has a new section for jobs and internships for students


Drs. Gi Woong Yun, Sung-Yeon Park and Louisa Ha's online consumer review research article will be publish in Journal of Interactive Marketing. [Yun, G. W., Park, S., & Ha, L. (in press) Influence of Cultural Dimensions on Online Interactive Review Feature Implementations: A Comparison of Korean and U.S. Retail Websites. Journal of Interactive Marketing Communication.]


Dr. Louisa Ha's book review on diversity book appears on winter issue of Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly [Ha, Louisa (in press): "Book Review: Philip M. Napoli, ed. Media Diversity and Localism: Meaning and Metrics." Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly, 85(3).]


Dr. Sung-Yeon Park was invited to join to be a member of the editorial board of Communication Research


TCOM welcomes Dr. Carolyn Lea as a new adjunct to teach TCOM460


Students radion stations were renovated during the summer


Spring alumni newsletter is ready. Click here for further information.


Summer internship registration.
Just wanted to remind you -- if you're intending to do a summer 2008
internship, you must register for internship credit (TCOM 489) by the end
of this semester.  You must first get approval from me for your
internship, and then registration will be done through the TCOM
department (meaning, you cannot go online and register yourself). 
Typically, credit cannot be given AFTER an internship is completed, so
it's critical that you get approval and register BEFORE you actually do
the work.

The process is fairly simple:

After you've found an appropriate internship -- 

1)  You must apply for your internship and get approval BEFORE you begin
the internship.

2)  Fill out the purple internship application form that you can get from
the kiosk in 302 West.  Make sure you fill it out entirely, sign and date
the back, and get your internship supervisor's signature, as well.

3)  On the application form, indicate how many credit hours you want to
receive, and in which semester you want to get those credits (Summer 2008
or Fall 2008).  Remember, 1 credit = 100 hours of work.  You only need 1
internship credit hour to graduate, but you can take up to 6 credit hours
over the course of your academic enrollment.

4)  Write a brief "objectives statement" indicating what you will be
doing in the internship and attach it to your purple application form. 
It should be approximately 1/2 page in length.

5)  Fill out the application form entirely, and make sure you sign and
date it on the back.  If you have difficulty getting your internship
supervisor to sign it because s/he is out of the immediate area, let me
know, and possibly an email confirmation will suffice in place of a

6)  Once completed, please put it in my mailbox in 302 West. After I have
approved the application, SCS secretary will register you for credit hours. If you
have any questions, please let me know. 

Thanks, Lori


Public lecture: Patricia Silver, President, Sphere Entertainment Agency
"From Bowling Green, Ohio to Clowntown, Canada & Abroad: Life in the Entertainment Fast Lane"
Thursday April 3, 2008 at 1 p.m.
121 West Hall
Reception to follow at 2:15 p.m.
Click here for detail.


DJs on WFAL and WBGU are featured in the January 9-15 issue of Toledo City Paper. Read the article.

DoMonique Maddox is a graduating senior and already got a job offer in Detroit and will pursue graduate school in fall 2008 at Wayne State.

Nate Van Sickle (2006) won an emmy award for a story he shot for WINK, the CBS News affiliate in Ft. Meyers, FL.

(Nick Ramos (2005) has just taken a job for Si TV in Los Angeles, an MTV-like network targeting the English-speaking Latino youth. Nick says his time is spent "in the field, in the editing bay, and doing what producers do best -- playing the political game, managing upper level VPs, and dealing with a
stretched-to-capacity production staff."

Yeun Su Park was offered an internship at CNN in New York, working in their international news bureau.

TCOM 467
The BG Perspective committee approved the TCOM467 Gender Media and Culture course as a cultural
diversity requirement course. It will be effective by summer 2008 when Park teaches that class. Students can take either TCOM270 or TCOM467 to fulfill their cultural diversity requirement. Both courses will be offered online this summer.

Central States Communication Program Call for Papers
The program planners for the Undergraduate Honors Research Conference invite you to submit your undergraduate student papers and panel ideas by January 28. The Undergraduate Honors Research Conference is an excellent opportunity for your students to showcase their work while experiencing an academic conference. The deadline for the Honors Conference is intentionally later than the rest of CSCA to accommodate more undergraduate students and encourage completed projects. Details available at the CSCA Website.

NATPE (The National Association of Television Program Executives) is the largest organization of multiplatform video content professionals in the world.

NATPE Conference
Each January, the NATPE Conference and Exhibition brings together more than 8,000 media industry leaders for workshops and seminars and to take part in the world’s largest marketplace for buying and selling television programming and video content. Many of the syndicated programs you watch everyday were sold to your favorite television stations at NATPE.
[ more ]

NATPE 2008
If you enjoyed your experiences at NATPE 2007, consider applying for NATPE 2008. Faculty referrals are often the best way to find candidates for the Faculty Fellowship Program.
Applications are due October 5. Go to

NATPE Inerns Needed
NATPE is now accepting a
pplications for the student intern program. It's a good mix of fun, work and professional development. Download PDF announcement for details. [ more info ]

here's finally something educational on YouTube! The NATPE Educational Foundation has produced four career seminar videos available for download and viewing on YouTube. The videos, entitled "Advancing Through Internships and Advice;" "Rolling with the Change;" "Achieving Success" and "Exploring Jobs," can be used by faculty for class discussions as well as for direct student viewing. Permission is given for free, noncommercial viewing and use of the content. Go to: or do your own search with NATPE + career + advice. For future classroom materials, look for interviews at NATPE 2008 that will be available for online viewing, as well as content from the summer's LATV Festival.


We would also like to send job opening posting sand other related news about the department via e-mail. If you would like to receive the posting, please send your email address to Dr. Louisa Ha at

Scholarships Available
A variety of scholarships are available for TCOM majors. Contact the School of Communication Studies Office, 302 West Hall, for a list of opportunities that may not be posted here.
More opportunities in the School of Communication Studies at

BGSU Online Scholarship Guide


A variety of scholarships are available each year from the Department of Telecommunications:

  • J. Douglas Beaudry Memorial Scholarship

  • Joseph Black Memorial Scholarship

  • Outstanding Student Award for Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, & Senior

  • Talent Scholarships for WBGU-FM and WFAL-AM

Details and application form are available here - DETAIL, APPLICATION FORM

A list of EXTERNAL SCHOLARSHIPS relvevant to TCOM students is also provided here. For more information, contact school main office, 302 West Hall, 419-372-8349.

The School of Library and Information Science has 23 scholarships available! Funded through the IMLS Laura Bush Librarians for the 21st Century program, two categories of scholarships are available. Both provide full tuition for an MLIS degree.

Five scholarships are immediately available for current students who have completed fewer than 12 hours and for students who can begin the program in January 2008. These scholarships are for students interested in becoming either young adult librarians or school library media specialists. Students interested in these scholarships should apply immediately. Click on the following link for information on applying:

Eighteen scholarships are available beginning in summer 2008 for students interested in becoming youth services librarians with a special emphasis on the use of museums with children and
young adults. Click on the following link for information on applying:

For further information, contact Michelle Baldini, Grant Coordinator, at 330-672-4048 or

Deadline: See 302 West Hall
Gerald R. Ford Foundation Grant
The Gerald R. Ford Foundation awards grants of up to $2,000 each in support of research in the holdings of Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library. Interested candidates can view the details of this opportunity in room 302 West Hall.

Deadline: See 302 West Hall
Northwest Ohio Black Media Association (NOBMA)
Scholarships open to African-American college students majoring in journalism, communications, telecommunications, public relations or related fields. Please contact Clyde Hughes, Urban Affairs Reporter for the Toledo Blade at or 419-244-2579.

TCOM Internships
Internships are the stepping stone to the career of your dreams. For requirements and opportunities, visit our Internships page.

More opportunities in the School of Communication Studies at

Deadline: Wednesday, January 30, 2008 by 5:00 PM

For Summer 2008

CBS Television Distribution is looking for bright, ambitious, hard-working interns for their Marketing Department. CBS Television Distribution is the distributor of shows such as Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy!, Entertainment Tonight, CSI Miami, The Oprah Winfrey Show, Rachael Ray, Dr. Phil, Star
Trek Original Series, Everybody Loves Raymond, and Judge Judy, plus many other significant television programs.

All interns will be assigned a mentor and will have these on-the-job opportunities:

•Learn how a major television distributor promotes its syndicated product.
•Understand the relationship between television distribution and its affiliates ("affiliate relations").
•Have exposure to all areas of promotion: print, internet, on-air, and production.
•Interview with all departments at CBS Television Distribution to gain different perspectives and understand the complete process involved with syndicated television: sales, media relations, research, finance, programming, HR.
•Gain exposure to other CBS Television Distribution partners such as Paramount studios and CBS Television City.

CBS Television Distribution is located in beautiful Santa Monica, near the beach, Westwood, and UCLA. This exciting opportunity pays $10/hour and requires 16-24 hours per week. This internship is on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday or Tuesday/Thursday schedule from 9:00am – 5:30pm. Days
and hours worked are not negotiable.

Students must have junior or senior status and be currently enrolled. This is a competitive internship opportunity, and only one student from BGSU will be selected each semester.

If interested in this exciting opportunity, please submit FOUR COPIES EACH of the following items:

COVER LETTER (addressed to Dr. Lori Liggett)

Submit your application package to:

Dr. Lori Liggett
TCOM Internship Coordinator
302 West Hall
Bowling Green State University
Bowling Green, Ohio 43403

You can also place your internship materials in my office (313 West Hall) or in the School of Communication Studies main office (302 West Hall).

DEADLINE: Wednesday January 30, 2008 by 5pm
No applications will be accepted after 5pm on 1/30/08 -- no exceptions.

Download PDF Flyer
Positions are available year-round (fall, spring, and summer semesters) in the Cleveland area. To apply, students should send a resume and cover letter to:

Application Deadlines:
* Fall - end of July
* Spring - end of November
* Summer - end of March

E! Entertainment Television Summer 2008 Internships
APPLICATION DEADLINE: Wednesday, January 23, 5 PM -- No exceptions!

The TCOM Department is pleased to offer internships at E! Entertainment Television in Los Angeles, CA. This is a competitive internship opportunity, and we are now in the process of accepting applications. At the time of application, students should be at least junior status (or close to), and interviews with qualified candidates will be conducted most likely in mid-February. Those selected will work in Hollywood during summer semester and will receive TCOM 489 internship credit.

If interested in this exciting opportunity, please submit FOUR COPIES EACH of the following items:

  • COVER LETTER (addressed to Dr. Lori Liggett)

(Please note that reference letters from the E! Internship Selection Committee -- Ewart Skinner, Jose Cardenas, Lori Liggett -- cannot be accepted.)

Submit your application package to:

Dr. Lori Liggett
TCOM Internship Coordinator
302 West Hall
Bowling Green State University
Bowling Green, Ohio 43403

You can also place your internship materials in my office (313 West Hall) or in the School of Communication Studies main office (302 West Hall).

DEADLINE: Wednesday January 23, 2008 by 5pm

No applications will be accepted after 5pm on 1/23/08 -- no exceptions.


Sea Lion Studio, Bowling Green, OH, is looking for an Intern/Independent Study for spring 2008 semester. Upper-level or graduate-level preferred. Student must have basic experience running a camera (DVX) and editing with Final Cut Pro. Duties will include production work for stories to be posted on For information about Sea Lion Studio, visit Interested candidates should contact Nick Gorant, or 419.352.1500.


Audience research internships available at ABC network. Contact Lisa Heimann with any questions or candidates:

Great Experience!
Morning Show Internship on STAR 105
Have you always dreamed of breaking into the radio industry, but didn't know how? Well, here's your chance! (And, NO, we don't mean having your "band" on and getting a hit single.) We need your help! We're looking for students who want a career on-air or producing. This internship will give you a behind-the-scenes look at the production of a major morning radio show -- the Wake Up Bunch on Star 105. Interns will learn digital editing, format research, live remotes (van gigs) and more. This internship is only offered Monday through Friday between 5am and 11am. PLUS these internships could turn into possible part-time on-air shifts!

If you're interested, please contact Ryan Young at 419-725-5780 or email

Application Deadline: TBD
106.5 FM, Northwest Ohio
Kevin Murphy of 106.5 FM is looking for interns for 106.5FM to broadcast alternative music. Students who have serious interest in pursuing permanent employment at the station are encouraged to apply. Internships can start either in the spring or summer. If interested, contact Kevin Murphy directly at 419-725-5700 (stationor 419-304-0573 (cell).

Deadline: See 302 West Hall
Nexstar Broadcasting offers Employment and Internships
“Make Nexstar Your Next Step” is designed to create awareness to college and university students about internship opportunities and, for graduating seniors, about entry-level job openings, at Nexstar Broadcasting’s 46 local TV stations around the country. Click on the ‘Careers’ drop down box in the upper right hand corner, then either click on ‘Entry-Level Positions’ or ‘Internship Information’.

The internship opportunities are offered in 5 areas—TV Sales, TV Production, TV News or Journalism, Broadcast Engineering, and TV Marketing/Advertising.

For more information: email Paul Greely, VP of Marketing and Promotion at

Deadline: See 302 West Hall
Ohio Legislative Service Commission - Columbus, OH
The Ohio Legislative Service Commission (LSC) sponsors several 13-month paid internships designed to provide college graduates with practical experience that often leads to permanent employment opportunities in the legislature, state government, or related areas. Interns are assigned to work in either the House or the Senate, with additional interns being placed with the Ohio Government Telecommunications Media Center. The internship begins the first week in December and continues through December 31 of the following year. The application deadline for the legislative internships is April 1. The application deadline for the telecommunications internships is May 31. The only eligibility requirement is the completion of a bachelor's degree program by the beginning of the internship in December. For more information, go to the website:

Deadline: Ongoing
WBDT - Dayton, OH
Dayton's WB Station, WBDT, is looking for summer 2006 interns. There are 2 types of positions available: Position 1: Marketing/Promotions for Creative Services; Position 2: Production for Creative Services. If interested in either, please contact: Shasta Scarberry, Promotions Manager,

Deadline: Ongoing
Washington Center - Washington, DC
The Washington Center has more than 30 years of experience offering students challenging internship opportunities in many types of industries and organizations in the Washington, DC area. Internships are available every semester, and students should refer to the website for specific deadlines. Those interested in communications and media-related opportunities can contact: Robert Walter, Director, Mass Communications, or call (202) 336-7568.

Deadline: Ongoing
WBGU-TV - Bowling Green, OH
PBS station located in Bowling Green, Ohio offers various media-related positions every semester. Interested students should contact Lisa Wayne, Public Relations & Volunteer Coordinator,, or call (419) 372-7026.

Deadline: Ongoing
Wood Lane - Bowling Green, OH
Media and communications-related internships are now available at Wood Lane, the Wood County Board of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities located in Bowling Green. Flexible work schedules are available in a friendly atmosphere with many opportunities open year-round, including: PR & marketing, video production, oral history, documentary video development, PSA writing, and event planning. If interested, contact: Liz Sheets, Public Relations Coordinator, or call (419)352-5115, ext. 3231.

More opportunities in the School of Communication Studies at

Clear Channel Lima is seeking a passionate, hard-working person who LOVES radio, for a part-time board op position. Hours would involve weeknights and weekends. Will work as best as possible around other schedules and will fully train. Please send resume and demo, if you have one, to Dave Woodward, Assistant Operations Manager, Clear Channel Lima, 667 W. Market St., Lima, OH 45801 or send e-mail to

Clear Channel Lima also takes a limited number of interns throughout the school year and summer.

The Department of Communication at West Texas A&M University invites applications for a tenure track assistant professor position in Mass Communication, beginning, Fall, 2008. A doctorate in Mass Communication or related field is required for appointment as an assistant professor (tenure track). A Master’s degree in Mass Communication or a related field will be considered for appointment as Instructor (non tenure track). The successful candidate will have experience in teaching broadcast related courses, multi-platform media writing, editing, web/multimedia design and desktop publishing, and other mass communication courses as needed. Additionally, the successful candidate would have experience in advising student publications (such as the student newspaper) and in serving as sponsor for student organizations, and ability to budget, mentor students, and manage personnel. Knowledge of Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Avid, and Adobe Audition, and Adobe Indesign, a plus. The Mass Communication program has three areas of emphasis: Advertising/public relations, print media, and broadcasting and promotes a media convergence approach to all instruction. Housed in newly constructed Fine Arts Complex, the Communication Department has approximately 230 majors.

Application Procedure: Submit a letter of application, a one page philosophy of teaching, current vitae, transcripts of graduate work, evidence of teaching effectiveness and three letters of reference to Dr. Trudy L. Hanson, WTAMU Box 60754, Dept. of Communication, Canyon, TX 79016. Email: Phone: 806 651 2800. Electronic submission of materials is required. Send all materials to Dr. Hanson. Deadline for applications is Feb. 15, 2008. West Texas A&M University is an AA/EOE employer. For information about the university, please see our website:

NIOSH/CDC - Pittsburgh - Fellowship Opportunity
"Research is badly needed to better understand how to train and motivate miners to be prepared for emergencies, perform self-protective behaviors, and avoid unsafe acts. Our mining stakeholders/customers consider effective training to be crucial to protecting miners' safety and health. It is especially important at present because many new workers are being hired to replace retiring workers throughout the mining industry."
The position would be in Pittsburgh, PA  for an initial appointment of 3 years. The position is renewable.
Current projects include designing a virtual reality game for mine training and developing a training package for miners in the event of a mine disaster.
December or May graduates are encouraged to apply. Anyone who is interested can contact me at the address below for more information:
Katherine Klein, Ph.D., Research Scientist National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health Centers for Disease Control and Prevention PO Box 18070, Cochrans Mill Road Pittsburgh PA 15236, 412.386.4627, Web :

Deadline: Ongoing
The School of Art is looking for a freshman or sophomore student webmaster starting Spring 2007, who may be able to stay with the job for two or more years. Requirements include:

  • Working closely with the School of Art faculty and staff
  • Programming, configuration, and maintenance of a database driven web server environment using Cold Fusion, Access, HTML, and JavaScript.
  • Windows and Macintosh OSX operating systems.
  • Independent and group work, learning new applications
  • Graphic applications

Send letter of interest to Bonnie Mitchell at
Please include:

  • programming classes taken
  • web programming or development experience
  • URLs to any websites you developed
  • class standing (freshman, sophomore, etc.)
  • major
  • email addresses of two references (preferable teachers or past employers)
  • any other relevant information

Deadline: Ongoing
Please visit

Deadline: Ongoing
Higher Education Positions Available
Please visit

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