Volume 8 Issue 1

Special Issue Featuring Guest Artist Lisa DeCook

A screenplay by Lisa DeCook

In This Light
A short story by Lisa DeCook

The spring 2006 issue marks the fifth year anniversary of THE PROJECTOR: AN ELECTRONIC JOURNAL OF FILM, MEDIA, AND CULTURE. The first issue, published on the Department's web site in spring 2001, was edited by James Eldred, a film major at Bowling Green whose determination and love of film made the electronic journal a reality.

In the past five years, THE PROJECTOR has featured screenplays and studies of film by undergraduates. We have published interviews with faculty and professionals involved in film as researchers, preservationists, choreographers, and so on. This issue provides the opportunity to read and enjoy creative writing by a former graduate student at BGSU.  

Lisa DeCook, originally from Chicago, received her MFA in Creative Writing. As a graduate student, her remarkable writing abilities were recognized by honors such as the Devine Award for Fiction in 2003. Ms. DeCook is currently living in Bowling Green and teaching in the General Studies Writing Program at BGSU.

Most recently, her book reviews have appeared in MID-AMERICAN REVIEW. One of her short stories was chosen as a finalist in the BACKWARDS CITY REVIEW's Short Story and Poetry Contest. At the present time, Ms. DeCook is working on a full length screenplay and a new collection of short fiction.

This special issue features two pieces by Lisa DeCook. The first is a screenplay for a short film entitled MORTAR and the second is a short story entitled IN THIS LIGHT. Both are exemplary pieces of writing distinguished by their visual clarity, wry humor, and keen insight. I imagine that you will enjoy learning from them as much as I have.            

Cynthia Baron
Founding Editor of THE PROJECTOR
Associate Professor in the Department of Theatre and Film