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Finally -- decisions are made. Here is the look of the entire cast. (Puppet operators are clothed entirely in black). "Comping" the designs like this helps give me an idea of how they all look together. As Margaret McCubbin pointed out, the costumes reflect three worlds - the somewhat turn-of-the-century look of the Court, the almost 1920's vaudeville look of the clowns, and the vaguely Indonesian / Southeast Asian influenced look of the Prospero's island. It's hardly a classically unified look, but after all -- "postmodern" means never having to say you're sorry.

While the designs are more or less set, the costume designs will continue to evolve. Our time/ labor budget will only allow us to build a very select number of costumes from scratch -- the rest must be pulled and / or adapted from stock, rented, or even redesigned. The clowns, Trinculo and Stephano, boasting fairly outlandish porportions, will most likely have to be built; Miranda's costume will probably be a build, with her batik panel possibly painted by hand (with magic markers playing a serious role); Alonso's coat may have to be made to order.

All costumes will have to be altered and adapted for our cast, even if they have been pulled from stock. And time permitting, there will no doubt be further detailing. Since the characters all are "stripped" of their outer garments (and rank) as Prospero puts them through their paces, an unusual amount of attention will have to be placed on undershirts and other inner garments.

Final Costume Concept Sketches
as of 02-09-2001


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