Information Security Advisory
ITS Security Office – BGSU  8/23/2010 

Fraudulent email appearing to be from BGSU. DO NOT CLICK ON AN INCLUDED LINKS!

Systems Affected
All BGSU email users.

There are recent reports of an email appearing to be from BGSU regarding student loans.

An example can be found on the ITS Fraud Notification website.

If you receive on of these email messages, DO NOT CLICK ON ANY INCLUDED LINKS!

As a reminder it is important to carefully review email that appears to originate from BGSU.

Legitimate BGSU messages do not request personal information via email!

DISCLAIMER:   Information Security Advisories and related resources provide technical and administrative advice to protect sensitive information on the University network and to help BGSU comply with regulations pertaining to information security.  Failure to comply with these advisories may directly or indirectly increase the risk of exposure or compromise of sensitive University information.  These advisories and resources do not provide legal advice – contact the BGSU Office of General Counsel or other appropriate legal advisor for interpretations of regulations.