Information Security Office

Digital Copyright Safeguards

It is the responsibility of all users of BGSU information technology resources to know and understand all relevant laws and policies that govern usage. In general, the members of the BGSU community obey the law as well as the BGSU Information Technology Policy. However, some BGSU students, as well as many college and university students across the nation, continue to ignore and dismiss the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) which is intended to limit the liability of service providers whose users are infringing upon the copyright of others, and to define the procedures necessary to report such infringement.

Information Technology Services (ITS) and the Office of Student Affairs have implemented a layered approach to educate students on the issues surrounding the DMCA, as well as measures to help enforce the proper, non-copyright infringing use of information technology.

BGSU Digital Copyright Safeguards Program

In addition, BGSU also recognizes the Higher Educational Opportunity Act (HEOA).

For more information about the DMCA and P2P, please visit:

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