BGSU Address Change Confirmation


BGSU is committed to identity theft prevention. As a protective measure, a BGSU Address Change Confirmation message is sent to authorized account holders whenever their home or mailing address information has been modified. Although not legally required, BGSU provides this proactive service to all current students, faculty and staff to help prevent identity theft.

Below is an example of the BGSU Address Change Confirmation e-mail that BGSU account holders can anticipate receiving after completing an update to their home or mailing address information. Please note the From: field is from the Technology Support Center (

Sample Message

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the BGSU Address Change Confirmation help prevent identity theft?

Early indicators of identity theft are unauthorized modifications of mailing address information. This notification process provides information to valid users to help confirm that address changes are intentional and legitimate.

What do I need to do when I receive an e-mail stating that a change has been made to my address information on record?

Log into the MyBGSU portal, select Update Personal Information in Self Service and verify that the home and mailing address information displayed is accurate. This includes both current and future-dated address information. 

I received an address request change e-mail and the address information is inaccurate. What do I do next?

Contact the Technology Support Center (TSC) at (419) 372-0999 and ask to speak with a member of the Information Security Office.

I received an address change request and my address information is correct. What could have happened?

The e-mail notification is sent when the home or mailing address information has been modified. A typo correction or legitimate address name change initiated by an authorized BGSU employee could trigger the address change request notification.

Once the user verifies that the address information is correct, the address change e-mail notification can be ignored.

If I am having problems verifying my address information in MyBGSU and have questions about the address change confirmation process, who should I contact?

Contact the Technology Support Center (TSC) located in 110 Hayes Hall or by phone at (419)372-0999. They will involve the Information Security Office if it is appropriate.