Information Security Office

CIO Security Articles : 2007-2008

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January 2007

CELO project offers umbrella-like protection and security – Bruce Petryshak
Don’t drag race on Main Street – Kent Strickland

May 2007

Safety tips for portable data – Thomas Roberts

August 2007

BGSU’s data security is everyone’s responsibility – Bruce Petryshak
Managing all that data – Kent Strickland
CELO whole disk encryption

December 2007

Creating a culture of security – Bruce Petryshak
Wrongful acts and omissions – Kent Strickland
Information security breaches: Personal and preventable – Thomas Roberts
Sensitive data on portable and personally owned devices – Kent Strickland
Being passionate about risks and controls - Mel Hudson-Nowak
BGSU Records Management Mission Statement - Ann Jenks
How to respond to a computer security incident – Matthew Haschak
The CELO Privacy Project – Kent Strickland

CELO Project updates


Information waste management – Kent Strickland

March 2008

BGSU begins transition to Microsoft Exchange – Matthew Haschak

August 2008

Smart use of smart phones – Thomas  Roberts