Information Security Office

Digital Copyright Safeguards Program - Response

The following resources are in place to address issues surrounding DMCA at BGSU. These resources represent a layered approach to the issues by providing education and awareness, alternatives for obtaining digital resources, and technical safeguards that are used at BGSU.

Education / Awareness

For additional educational material regarding P2P file-sharing and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), please refer to P2P Educational Resources.

Legal Alternatives

Click here for free or low cost sites that offer music & other forms of digital media.

Technical Safeguards

Starting in August 2012, ITS will no longer allow P2P traffic for the exchanging of music, media, and other software.  This is enforced through a variety of network technologies that manage and prioritize network traffic.  Exceptions will be considered with proper justification.  Please contact the Technology Support Center with requests.

Reacting to DMCA Cease and Desist Notices