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What is Turning Point?

Engage your class, instantly understand student comprehension, create an interactive lecture environment, and track student performance with the latest classroom response system from Turning Technologies.

BGSU Main Campus Resources

BGSU Main Campus TP-ready classroom list - Blackboard Integration Instructions

Student Clicker Registration

Download Participant List

Export Session Data to Grade Book

Web Resources on Turning Point

Download TurningPoint Software (It's free; for Mac or Windows)
*NOTE - Mac Office 2008 users, download TP Anywhere version

Turning Point 2008 User Guides and Manuals

Turning Point's Online Training Schedule

Case Studies and Examples

Best Practices

PDF Guides and Information Sheets

Reference Guide for Implementing TP Classroom

Response Systems at BGSU (by Eline Teixeira)

Turning Point 2008 User Guides and Manuals

EDUCAUSE - 7 Things You Should Know About Clickers

Classroom Clicker Research, Teaching Strategies and Tips

BGSU 2007-08 Clicker Pilot Final Report: Findings, Best Practices, and Future Directions in Classroom Assessment Using TurningPoint® Clickers

Vanderbilt's Center for Teaching - Classroom Response System

Clickers in the Large Classroom: Current Research Response System

Video and Audio Resources on Clickers

TurningPoint Website Video and Audio Presentations