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Service Level Agreements (SLA)


Introduction to CTS Service Level Agreements

Classroom Technology Services (CTS) provides a Service Level Agreement (SLA) for instructors teaching in campus classrooms that contain Classroom Technology cabinets. This SLA will provide the instructor with an anticipated time within which assistance will be available following a reported problem.

Classroom Technology cabinets at a minimum contain: a “Smart pad” remote technology control module, DVSS Set-top box (STB), DVDVCR unit*, and a computer. Operating Instructions are available for the equipment contained in each classroom housing a Classroom Technology cabinet.

Any user experiencing difficulties with equipment in a Classroom Technology cabinet may request assistance by calling 2-9400. The CTS Service Level Agreement provides the instructor with an anticipated response time to their request for assistance. The listing by building below as well as the map linked below provide an outline as to the anticipated response time within which an CTS staff member will respond following completion of the phone call to 2-9400.

* Please note: VCR and DVD VCR combos will no longer be in cabinets following the Spring 2011 semester. VCR units will continue to be available for checkout from CTS through Dec 31, 2011. DVD’s may be used in the computers available in the Classroom Technology cabinets.