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Digital Media Resource Center


The Digital Media Resource Center (DMRC) takes photos, slides, microfilm, and audio visual files and stores them electronically. By digitizing and storing important images and other media electronically, the DMRC makes storing, finding, accessing, and modifying those images much easier. The DMRC is also working to preserve important parts of the University’s history, such as yearbooks.

Media is digitized, organized and stored using a set of software tools called TeleScope™. Developed by North Plains software, TeleScope allows users to sort, search, and share media easily and securely. All media is stored with descriptions of their important attributes and contents so they can be easily organized and retrieved for later use. Combined with powerful user management tools that allow owners to decide who can access and modify media, TeleScope and the DMRC allow for the protection of all kinds of media.

For examples of an ongoing DMRC project, see the DMRC portal:
Digital Media Resource Center