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What are Enterprise Applications?  

Enterprise apps are software applications that operate at the enterprise (University) level in order to support the administrative functions of the University.   Current examples of Enterprise Apps at BGSU include the PeopleSoft applications; CSS for student administration functionality, FMS to support financials, HCM for Human Resources/Payroll in addition to the Web and CMS software.

CSS - PeopleSoft Campus Solutions
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CSS Training
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CSS Documentation
Self-Service Time and Labor
Campus Community/MDMC


Web / CMS - Content Management System 
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CMS Technology Guide
IT Web Development
Web Resources
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CSS/HCM 9.0 PeopleBooks
FMS 9.1 PeopleBooks
PeopleTools 8.53 PeopleBooks
 FMS - PeopleSoft Financial Management Systems
FMS Home
How Do I Gain Access to FMS?
FMS Training
FMS Security Forms
FMS Documentation
FMS Reports - Web Report Library (WRL)
Chart of Accounts
Purchasing Department
Falcon's Purch
Finance & Administration
HCM - PeopleSoft Human Capital Management
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Query Information
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