Falcon Info

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General Information


Falcon Info is a collection of data designed to support management data analysis and organization decision-making.  

Created as an enterprise data warehouse, Falcon Info is assembled with data extracted from multiple systems.  Being a consolidation point for transactional data from unrelated sources such as PeopleSoft Campus Solutions (CSS) and Financial Management (FMS), Falcon Info serves as a complement to the University’s transactional systems designed to support day-to-day operations.

With data in this central repository, university decision makers are enabled to retrieve and analyze large amounts of data at the desktop level in a format that supports forecasting and decision-making processes across the enterprise.

Falcon Info

  • is a repository of reports, metrics, dashboards and analytics
  • is cleanly fed daily with minimal staff intervention
  • is user friendly and easily modified
  • is refreshed daily
  • is presented directly to the user
  • provides point in time and dynamic reports
  • leverages pre-built and pre-configured products
  • saves past and current information

Falcon Info Mission Statement

Bowling Green State University stands up ‘Falcon Info” , a Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence platform that provides key stakeholders and knowledge workers with easy access to consistent, accurate, and relevant data relating to the institution’s analytic subject areas that is tuned for analytical reporting, no later than the first quarter of FY13, in order to meet the strategic goals set forth by the University.