ITS Web Development

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What is ITS Web Development?



  • Assist in creating and maintaining an effective, compelling, and up-to-date University Web site and a high quality Web presence
  • Developing university-wide strategies for internal and external communications on the Web
  • Integrating Web technologies to support learning, teaching, research and administration
  • Developing key enterprise information systems to achieve the web-enabled BGSU campus
  • Central technology assessment for future adoption


  • Develop university-wide standards for websites in conjunction with the offices across campus
  • Provide guidelines, site navigation suggestions, and content ideas for BGSU administrative unit and academic department websites
  • Web server access, permissions, and file structures
  • Update and maintenance of the main BGSU website
  • Develop advanced functionality to streamline web development by the University


  • Develop and maintain main BGSU site
  • Develop new web services to help academic departments and administrative offices
  • Develop support literature and handouts
  • Develop tools for better website administration
  • Review websites for usability and correctness
  • Manage access to web servers and files
  • Manage web server directory structure
  • Training workshops
  • Recommend outside providers
  • Establish standards and review provided materials from outside vendors