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Content Management System (CMS) Training Materials


BGSU Information Technology Services has created online training materials for the Percussion Content Management System.

These online training materials as well as additional CMS documentation are available in the CMS Technology Guide.

Who will benefit from these materials?

  • Webmasters for BGSU departments that are moving into CMS
  • New Webmasters for BGSU departments that are already in CMS
  • Anyone who has been using CMS and would like to learn more about it
  • Anyone who wants to know more about what the CMS system is and what it does

What information will you find in these materials?

  • What CMS is and how it works
  • How to efficiently use the CMS Content Explorer
  • How to create and save customized searches
  • What fields are in the different content types and which ones are required
  • Why Category, Workflow and Template fields are very important
  • How to use the slots to finish a page with images and a navigation bar

For any advanced techniques not covered by the CMS Technology Guide, please contact the Technology Support Center (TSC).

If you have a request for additional advanced features for a BGSU web site, please complete and submit a Project Request form.