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Dreamweaver Templates and Color Palette


Templates for 2009 BGSU Web Design

Click here for a pdf of screen shots featuring the new BGSU design templates using the default left navigation color.

To download a zip file with the new BGSU templates click on one of the following links:

Right click on link and select "Save Target As..." to download templates or image

Instructions for using the templates for the new BGSU Web Design:

NOTE: The new templates provided by ITS Web Development are best used with Dreamweaver CS4!

Before starting this operation, make a copy of your site for back up purposes.

Replace your current templates with the new templates provided by ITS Web Development that are listed below:


NOTE: These templates use the default left navigation color (c2caa9).  If you wish to use a different color than the default please contact the Office of Web Development (see information below) for the address of the style sheet used for that color.

This is best done outside of Dreamweaver by copying the new templates over the old ones. If you have modified the old templates in any way such as adding new editable regions or taking away editable regions you will need to modify the new templates in the same way. If you have any templates other than the ones listed above, check with the Office of Web Development to find out if they can be modified to use the new templates.

Open Dreamweaver CS4 and make sure that you have the site using these templates selected.
In the menus of Dreamweaver select Modify > Templates > Update Pages

Update your images using the psd files provided by the Office of Web Development that are listed below:

photo.psd - 561 X 200
sectionphoto.psd - 750 X 200

You will have to create new images without the swoops using the above dimensions and copy and paste them into the appropriate layer of the psd file. Do a Save for Web and Devices and replace the old images in your pages with the new ones.

NOTE: The new design has the Short Title overlapping the image at the bottom by 40 pixels with a gray transparent background. Keep this in mind when designing your new images.

Once all pages and images have been updated to your satisfaction, upload them to your site.

Below is an image illustration of the new color palette regarding the colors in the design.

If you have any questions regarding the use of these new templates and images call the Technology Support Center at 419-372-0999 and put in a request for the Web Development group.