Department & Grant-funded Computer Purchases

Department & Grant-funded Computer Purchases


Information Technology Services (ITS) assists University departments and areas in acquiring computers, laptops, printers, scanners, any associated peripherals and any other devices that would connect to the BGSU network. The process below exists for specifying, ordering, and installing this equipment. 

The first step in getting new equipment is to clarify an existing need. The ITS staff will assist you in reviewing your desktop equipment needs so that the proper type of equipment can be acquired. If you would like this assistance, please call 419-372-0999, and request equipment ordering assistance.

If you are prepared to specify and order equipment at this time, follow the steps below.

1. Review Equipment Options and make your choices

This is a list of our current equipment options. If you have a need for equipment not on this list, please call 2-0999.

a. Fill out the Computer Equipment Quote Request Form.  If you have chosen equipment that is not listed on the Desktop Specifications page at the equipment options link above, please fax us the page from one of the vendor sites that include the system specific specs and price at 2-9499.

2. Submit purchase order to the vendor
When you have a complete and final quote, please complete the Computer Equipment Order Request Form and submit it, along with copies of the quotes, by fax to ITS at 2-9499. When your order is placed, you will receive a confirmation via email of your order and a Case Ticket # for future reference.

3. Receive and configure your equipment for use
ITS will receive your equipment from the vendor. A variety of installation options are available. Please refer to the Delivery and Installation Form to make these selections. Print this form and mark your choices, and then fax it to ITS at 2-9499.