Labs is Residence Halls


Each residence hall contains at least one computer lab, with some halls having more than one lab. Each lab inside a residence hall has a combination of Dells running Windows 7 and Apples running Macintosh OS X, and each computer is set to print to a black and white laser printer. 

Labs inside of residence halls are provided as work environments for students and members of the residence community. The primary use of these resources is for academic related work. All other uses are considered secondary.


The residence hall computer labs are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This access is based on security measures listed below and the cooperation of on-campus residents. This access continues as long as rules for the labs are followed and there is no theft, damage, tampering, or abuse.



For a comprehensive list of software available in each lab inside a residence hall click here.



Printing in the resident hall computer labs is done on black and white printers with duplexing enabled (prints on both sides of the paper).

Visit this link to learn more about printing costs.


Laptop Stations

Students can bring laptops to use in the computer labs. Some labs have rectangular tables with network ports and electrical outlets, while others have comfortable furniture with arm tablets.



Most computer labs have a scanner connected to one of the computers.



In order to not only protect the computers within each lab, but all students using the labs, each residence hall computer lab has the following:

  • Windowed doors for visibility
  • Red emergency phones which automatically dial Campus Safety through 911
  • Computer security alarms to alert tampering and theft



For a list of Information Technology Policies, please see our policy page.