Computer Lab Software

Software Installation Requests


Requests From Instructors to Install Licensed Software They Own:

If instructors need to have their own software installed in a computer lab managed by Information Technology Services, they must present a completed Instructional Software Request Form to Ralph McManus in Hayes Hall 110 at least ten working days  before the software is needed. All requests must be accompanied by a copy of the software media and a paper license verifying that an adequate number of copies of the software are owned. Instructors may print out a completed copy of the Instructional Software Request Form. Be sure to include the following information on the form:

  • type of software to be installed (licensed, shareware or freeware)
  • location(s) where the software is to be installed
  • name of the person or group who holds the license(s) for the software, if applicable
  • date the software should be removed

When the installation is completed, the instructor will be contacted and asked to test the software.

Requests From Instructors to Purchase New Commercial Software for ITS Labs:

Instructors who want information about purchasing popular software such as Adobe or Microsoft products should contact Dale Schroeder (419-372-7494 or ) for volume licensing information.