Configurations and Recommendations


Recommended Wireless Cards

The general recommendation is to go with an 802.11n wireless card . 802.11n is currently the fasted wireless standard installed at BGSU and is backwards compatible with the 802.11b/g wireless standards.


To access BGSU's Wireless Network you need to set your SSID to "bgsu". Make sure it is in all lower case and without quotes, also make sure WEP encryption is off. For further help see the  Windows XP, VistaOS X,  wireless clients setup guides.

Once you are connected to the BGSU Wireless Network, open a web browser. You will automatically be sent to the BGSU Wireless Authentication page. 

If your browser does not get redirected you can go to:  Type in you BGSU user name and password to authenticate and begin using the BGSU Wireless Network. Once authenticated, your system can continue using the wireless network for up to 12 hours. If your system goes to sleep or disconnects from the wireless network for more then 30 minutes you will be forced to re-authenticate.