FAQs about the Telephone/Voicemail System At BGSU

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What telephone/voicemail services are provided for students at BGSU?

Telephone service is not provided in all student rooms.  Students that would like telephone service may subscribe for either a single semester or for the academic school year. Once subscribed to telephone service, you will be provided an analog telephone line in your student room, with an active voice mail box.  To sign up for telephone service, please complete the service order form located here.

The Technology Support Center provides support for telephone wiring, dial tone and voicemail problems and takes requests for special phone equipment for students with speech and/or hearing problems. Contact them in person at Hayes Hall 110, by phone at 419-372-0999, or by e-mail using their online form at http://www.bgsu.edu/its/tsc/page9500.html .


What if I have signed up for telephone service in my room but do not want to  use my voicemail?

If you don't want to use voicemail, we suggest that you record a message that tells callers how they can reach you by cell phone or email.  To do that, you need to contact the Technology Support Center in person at Hayes Hall 110, by phone at 419-372-0999, or by e-mail using their online form at http://www.bgsu.edu/its/tsc/page9500.html , request bulletin board message configuration, and take a few minutes to complete the initial setup for bulletin board message.

If you prefer to have callers hear the default message that this phone does not have the voice mail set up, you don't need to do anything.  


Do I need to connect a phone to my student room phone line to access voicemail?

No. You can access your voicemail to get your messages from any touch-tone phone. If you place your call from any phone connected to the campus phone system, you can dial into the system by dialing 2-0822. If you use a cell phone or local off-campus phone to dial in, you must dial 419-372-0822. You can also place a long distance call to access the system when you are outside the local area. When you reach the voicemail system, you will use the personal phone number assigned to you with a numeric password to access your personal voicemail box.


How do I change the name(s) I recorded on my initial login?

Dial into the voicemail system. From the activity menu, select 5. (5 won't be mentioned as an option). From the next set of options, select 5 again to record your name(s).


How many days do my messages stay on the voicemail system?

Messages stay in the system for 10 days.


Can I get my messages from any location or do I need to be at my extension on campus?

You can get messages from anywhere in the world as long as you are using a touch-tone phone. Dial into the Audix system by calling 419-372-0822 for local calls or 1-419-372-0822 for long distance calls. When you hear the prompt "enter extension and # (pound) sign", enter your (5) digit extension (ex. 4-3333). You will not be able to login if you dial all 7 digits or just the last 4 digits. Although you will be prompted to enter your password, you will eventually get the error "login incorrect" if you don't use 5 digits.


When do calls go to voicemail?

If your phone is not answered within 4 rings, the call will transfer to voicemail. Or, if you are on the phone when someone calls, your voicemail will automatically answer.


What does "Contact your system administrator" mean?

This means your voicemail box has been locked and you need to dial 419-372-0999 and put in a request to have your voicemail box unlocked. You will be emailed or called when it has been unlocked. A voicemail box is locked when someone tries to access the system more than 3 times with the wrong password.


What does option #1 "To Record Messages" really do?

This option is often mistaken as the one to use to record a greeting. What it really does is "Send" a message through the voicemail system to one or more people without actually ringing their phone. This feature can be useful in several situations. For example you can use it late at night when you don't want to wake someone up but still want to leave a voicemail message. You can also send a message to yourself as a reminder of an appointment.


How do I know I have new voicemail messages?

Students who elect to keep the single voicemail box configuration will hear 3 beeps when they pick up the receiver as a notification that new messages have arrived.


Why do I have to press **X to exit the system.

This will insure that you are disconnected from the voicemail system. If you don't do this, you could get the message "multiple log-in attempts, try again later." You will usually have to call 419-372-0999 to ask for assistance. The voicemail administrator has to call Denver for assistance. It is just a good habit to just press **X when you are done. She will then say, "Goodbye".


Can I use my own answering machine instead of voicemail?

If you connect a telephone that has an answering machine to your voicemail, calls can still go to voicemail if your phone line is busy or if no one has answered the phone within 4 rings. We suggest that you use voicemail instead of an answering machine. If you still prefer an answering machine, you need to set your answering machine so it picks up before the 4th ring and put a message on your voicemail directing callers not to leave messages for you there.


If I am sharing a voicemail box, how can I save a message that is not for me?

To hold a message in your new messages box, press **H. If you have listened to a message and pressed #, the message goes into your old messages box. You can listen to old messages after you listen to any new messages that have arrived.


Can I retrieve a voicemail message I deleted?

If you have listened to a message and accidentally pressed *D to delete it, you can undelete it only if you press **U immediately after the *D command. Otherwise it cannot be retrieved.


What should I do if I get into the wrong area of the menu system?

To return to the Activity Menu, the main menu in the voicemail system, press *R.


What if I forget my password?

If you forget your password, change rooms, or experience problems with your voicemail, contact the Technology Support Center at 419-372-0999 or via e-mail by filling out their Voicemail Assistance Form at URL: http://www.bgsu.edu/its/tsc/page9500.html .


Can I get call waiting?

Call waiting is not available on analog phone lines - the type available in student residences.


How about call blocking? Automatic callback?

Call blocking isn't available, but automatic callback (to an extension that had been busy at the time of the initial call) is among the features provided in the voicemail system.


Can I forward my voicemail to my cell phone or pager?

At this time our voice mail system does not support these features.