Setting Up Voicemail Account

Setting Up Your Voicemail Account (Single Voicemail Box)


To ensure clarity in your recorded voice and greeting, we recommend that you  do not record using the speaker function on a speaker phone. Throughout these instructions, we refer to the system as "she." The system voice is that of a Lucent employee.

  1. Dial  419-372-9622 from off campus, or 2-9622 from on campus.
  2. Once you have dialed into the system, she will ask you to  enter your extension number followed by the pound sign (#). If you are dialing into the system from your own office extension, you can simply press the # sign. Otherwise, enter your 5-digit extension followed by the # sign (e.g. 2-8408#).
  3. Next she will ask you to enter your initial password followed by the # sign.  You have no initial password so simply press the # sign.
  4. Next she will ask you to  voice your name . Press 1 and at the tone, speak your name. When finished speaking your name, press 1 again. If you are satisfied with the sound of your name, you can approve it by pressing #. If you are not satisfied, you can re-record it by pressing 1.
  5. Next she will ask you to  enter a password followed by the # sign . (She will tell you that passwords must be at least 6 digits. Also, she will reject some passwords deemed as too obvious.) After you have done this, she will ask you to re-enter your password for verification. When verified, she will say "changed". You have now set your  personal password .
  6. We encourage you to set up a greeting for your voice mail. You can skip step 1 because you are already logged in and at the Activity Menu.
  7. IMPORTANT! Press the * (star) sign twice followed by the X key (  * * X ) to log out.

You have now completed the initialization of your voice mail.