BGSU Telephone Book Information Page

BGSU Telephone Book Information Page


When telephone information is gathered by the telephone operators, the data is used to update both the printed directory and records searched by the campus operators in response to telephone information queries. It is important to understand that filling in a University change of address form for some other purpose does not automatically change your telephone information. This page describes the process for gathering both student and employee telephone information so you will know where to go when you need to make a change. For your convenience, it includes links to the online forms used in this process.

Student Information:

There is a collaborative effort among several University offices to gather telephone information for students. The Office of Residence Life provides data for students living in residence halls and Greek houses. The Office of Registration and Records maintains data for students living off campus. There is a special form the office uses to gather information at the beginning of the school year. This form is published in the first few issues of the BG News and available as an online form.

Students do have the right to withhold their information from the telephone directory. If you want to have your information withheld, you must submit a completed Request to Withhold Directory Information to the Office of the Registrar by September 1st..

This telephone data is also used for the  online directory. Students who need to request a change should see details in  Changing Incorrect Student Data in a BGSU Directory Search.

Employee Information:

Twice a year, in July and January, ITS Telephone Services sends out a printout of the current phone records to each department and requests an update. If you have changes to report in the interim, use the instructions for Changing Incorrect Faculty/Staff Data or call 2-7928.

Employees may specify one email address to be published with their telephone information. Non-BGSU email addresses are permitted. However, to receive notifications sent out by the University, you MUST obtain a BGSU email address. You can then forward your BGSU email to your non-BGSU address.

The telephone data gathered by the campus operators is not used to update the  online directory.

Printing and Publishing:

Telephone data is provided to Student Publications who publishes the telephone book.