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Student Printing


The costs for student printing are:

$0.05 for a one side printed black and white page

$0.09 for a two side printed black and white page

$0.18 for a one side printed color page

$0.35 for a two side printed color page.

In order to print in computer labs, students will need to login to a university computer using their BGSU username and password.

Funds available to pay for printing will be displayed to the student prior to submitting each print job.  Any available funds may be in the form of a printing allowance (if applicable) and/or funds available on the BG Bucks account of a student’s BG1 Card.  Any student needing to deposit / load BG1 Card funds may reference the BG1 Card web site for further details.

Student organizations are directed to contact the Student Organizations Program for information about printing needs related to student organizations.

Students are also invited to submit questions/comments via the Print Responsibly Questions/Comments online form.