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Frequently Asked Questions


Office/Department Focused Print Responsibly FAQ's
Student Focused Print Responsibly FAQ's

  • What is the Print Responsibly program?  

Print Responsibly is a cost-effective way to handle "everyday printing" and other tasks like copying, scanning, and faxing at BGSU.  The University has contracted with a company with expertise in managing print services.  The goal is for BGSU to no longer own any non-specialized printers, copiers, fax machines or scanners, and BGSU will no longer be responsible for purchasing/replacing toner or other materials or maintenance costs.  BGSU will simply pay a per page price for printing/copying/faxing services.

The goal is to reduce overall printing costs and reduce waste by associating a cost with each page printed making users more aware of how much they are consuming.

  • Is printing from multiple platform types (Windows, Macintosh, Unix, etc.) covered in this program? 

Yes, the devices put into place will be capable of working with multiple platforms including Windows, Macintosh, and Unix.

  • Are lab and/or office staff able to clear paper jams? 

Yes, lab staff will be able to clear paper jams for lab printers. Office staff will also be trained in how to appropriately complete troubleshooting such as clearing a paper jam.

  • Does a two-sided document count as one print or as two prints? 

The cost will apply on a "per impression" manner so a document with printing on both sides would count as two pages.

  • Are those who do not have a BGSU username and password (guests) able to print at campus locations under the Print Responsibly program? 

Yes, guest users will be able to print in the University Library using a guest ID.  Further information is available for reference at:

  • Are there suggested alternatives to printing in order to save costs?  

Yes, the following Think Before You Print tips are offered as alternatives to printing

    • Email the document (or url) to yourself for later access.
    • Use Print Preview.  Often blank pages will be included at the end of documents.  Print Preview can help you identify and print only the pages you want.
    • Use smaller font sizes, single line spacing, and/or smaller document margins in order to fit more material on a page.
    • Cut and paste on the information you need into a word processed.  This especially helpful in printing only needed information from online sources.
    • Avoid printing multiple drafts.  Complete editing online, instead.
    • Ask others to provide materials to you in electronic format - and do the same for them.