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Frequently Asked Questions Office/Department Focused


General Print Responsibly FAQ's
Student Focused Print Responsibly FAQ's


  • If I can no longer print on a personal printer in my office, how can I securely print sensitive/private documents such as employee performance reviews or my paycheck information? 

To print a document, an individual will need to enter in a department or personal code at the printer/copier to retrieve the document.

  • Our office has some very costly, specialized printers (e.g. for printing wide-format blueprints/drawings, high-resolution photographs or comps for commercial print jobs)? What happens to these printers? 

These printers are not a part of this program. You will still be responsible for all expenses related to the device.

  • The cost of toner is included in the per image cost, will this also include paper? 

Each area will continue to be responsible for providing the paper used in devices.

  • How will printers that were purchased/will be purchased using grants be handled as a part of this program? 

With the Print Responsibly program, it will be possible to tie a printer and per copy costs directly to the grant Department Code.

  • What level of response time can be expected for service and repairs with the Print Responsibly program?

For requests placed via the 800#, an initial response time of 2-3 hours is anticipated.  The 800# to use to request service/repairs is 1-800-321-4846.

When placing the call, the caller will be asked to provide the equipment contract number of the device.  This number is located on the ComDoc sticker on the front of the machine.

  • Will any reports regarding printer/copier/fax usage be available? 

It is anticipated that budget administrators will have access to reports detailing this type of usage by user.

  • Will there be an 800# to call for trouble assistance? 

Yes, the number is 1-800-321-4846. The caller may be asked to provide the equipment contract number of the device.  This number is located on the ComDoc sticker on the front of the machine.

  • For a faculty/staff member who has purchased their own desktop printer and provides their own toner but obtains paper from the department, will they be able to continue to meet their printing needs in this way? 

This would be determined by the faculty/staff member’s department chair.

  • With the multi-function devices, will it be possible for the device to complete more than one process at a time? 

The multi-function devices will be capable of printing, copying, faxing and scanning. Based on the type of job being sent to the device, it will complete jobs simultaneously if possible. Additional jobs will be placed in a queue and processed in the order received. Users will have the ability to reference the place their job holds in the queue.

  • What happens if a device fails? 

Requests for service should be directed to 1-800-321-4846.  The caller will be asked to provide the equipment contract number of the device.  This number is located on the ComDoc sticker on the front of the machine.

  • Where can I find information about how to operate the new device placed in my office/department?  

That information can be found on the Equipment Information and How-to Guides page.

  • How can I request supplies for my printer/multi-function device? 

That information can be found on the Supplies and Services page.

  • Is it possible to recycle the Xerox and HP consumables used by our printer/multifunction device? 

This information can be found on the Recycling Instructions page.

  • What do I do if I do not have the driver on my system in order to print to our area/department’s new printer or multi-function device?  

The request to have an appropriate driver added to your system should be submitted to the Technology Support Center (TSC) at 2-0999,

  • Our office/department has student employees, will the printing they do at work be charged as personal printing?  

The printing a student completes in an office/department as a student employee will be charged to the DCC of the employing department.  All student employees who have completed hiring paperwork are associated with their Department Code so that printing completed in the office/department will be charged to that area, not a student’s personal account.

  • Our office will be hiring a new student employee, is there any paperwork or process to be completed in order to have the work related printing be charged to the appropriate Department Code?  

No, the listing of student employees (those who have completed their hiring paperwork) and associated DCC#’s is updated on a nightly basis via an automated process.  The student employee and the student employer do not need to complete any process or paperwork.

  • How do I request to have a new printer or multi-function device installed in my area?  

A request for a new printer or multi-function device may be submitted using the Print Responsibly New Office Technology Request Form.