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Frequently Asked Questions - Student Focused


General Print Responsibly FAQ's
Office/Department Focused Print Responsibly FAQ's


How much will it cost for students to print on campus?  
The costs for student printing are:

$0.05 for a one side printed black and white page

$0.09 for a two side printed black and white page

$0.18 for a one side printed color page

$0.35 for a two side printed color page

What "makes up" the printing costs for students?
The costs for student printing is made up of many items for example, the cost of paper, resources needed to perform the accounting function, costs related to the BG1 card system, etc.
As an additional note, the Print Responsibly program allowed the reduction in cost for color printing from $0.50 per impression to $0.18 per impression.

Is there a cost savings associated with printing two sided rather than one-sided pages?  
The cost of printing a two-sided page rather than two one-sided pages represents a 10% savings.

How can a student track the funds they have available for printing?  
When a student logs in to a lab machine using their BGSU username and password and initiatives a print job they are provided with a display screen showing their funds available.  Funds available from both their printing allowance (if applicable) as well as BG1 Card available funds will be displayed.

Students may also stop by the Technology Support Center (TSC) in 110 Hayes Hall to use a computer set up for checking printing allowance balances.  Students will be asked log in and they will then be able to view their printing allowance balance.

How does a student pay for printing?  
Students will need to have funds available in the BG Bucks account of their BG1Card in order to print.  Click here information on how to deposit/load BG1Cards funds.

A student has both a printing allowance and funds available on the BG Bucks account of their BG1 Card - which will be used for printing costs?
The printing allowance will first be used to cover printing costs.  BG1 Card funds will only be used if no printing allowance is available.

Will students who are starting their first semester at BGSU receive a printing allowance?  
Students new to the university will need to have funds available in the BG Bucks account on their BG1Card in order to print on campus.  Students who were continuing students as of Aug 19, 2010 received a one-time printing allowance.

Will it be possible for the printing allowance to be used for any other purpose? 
The printing allowance may be used for printing only.

Will Print Responsibly have any affect on printing a student completes on a personally owned printer?  
The Print Responsibly program will not impact printing completed on personally owned printers.

Are printers in computer labs set to print double sided (duplex) or single sided? 
It is possible to print either single or double sided printouts, however the printers are set to duplex printing.  If a user would prefer single sided printing for any reason, they will need to make this change prior to printing.

Some computer labs have a location where a student can swipe their ID card prior to printing, why do some labs have these release stations? 
There are several possible reasons why a location may have a release station.  These include:

  • Unix printing requires a release station.  Unix printing is available in Hayes 025, 107, and 016.
  • Large labs where users are unable to easily see the printer they are printing to also have release stations.  These labs are in the Bowen-Thompson Student Union, Technology 247 and the Jerome Library Lobby.
  • Printing completed by Guest users will require a card swipe.  These users will need to purchase a BG1 Guest Card in the Library in order to pay for printing.  They will be required to swipe their card at the release station in order to be able to print.

If a lab has a release station, must users utilize the release station in order to print? 
Unix printing and Guest printing will require the card swipe.  Other users have the option to use the card swipe or to request print jobs from the display of the machines located within that lab.

If a student graduates or leaves the university for any reason, is it possible to receive a refund for any remaining printing allowance? 
The printing allowance is for printing only and any unused portion will not be refunded.

As a student employee, how will printing be handled in order to complete duties at work?  
The printing a student completes in an office/department as a student employee will be charged to the Department Code of the employing department.  All student employees who have completed hiring paperwork are associated with the appropriate Department Code so that printing completed in the office/department will be charged to that area, not a student's personal account.

As a student who is starting a new job in an office, is there any paperwork or process to be completed in order to have the work related printing be charged to the appropriate Department Code?  
No, the listing of student employees (those who have completed their hiring paperwork) and associated Department Code is updated on a nightly basis via an automated process.  The student employee and the student employer do not need to complete any process or paperwork.

Will printing completed in a sorority/fraternity resource room also be charged?  
Yes, printing completed in sorority and fraternity labs will also be subject to the printing charges.

Will printing completed in a classroom computer lab also be charged?  
Yes, printing completed in a classroom computer lab will also be subject to the printing charges.

If a student is completing printing for a student organization, how can that be completed under the Print Responsibly program? 
Student organizations are directed to print in the Student Organization Suite (401 BTSU) using the copy codes provided by the Student Organization Programs.  

How can questions not answered in this Frequently Asked Questions listing be submitted?  
Any questions / requests may be submitted using the Questions / Comments form found at the Print Responsibly web site.

Where can a student go to print in color?  
Color printing is available in the Union Computer Lab, the 0108 Music Computer Lab, and the 247 Technology Computer Lab.