Microsoft Standard Campus Agreement: FAQs

Microsoft Standard Campus Agreement: FAQs


Please note that this FAQ page is an evolving document. New questions and answers are added periodically. If the question requires an immediate answer, please contact the Technology Support Center (TSC) at 419-372-0999.

If I am a faculty/staff member, and I buy the software at the Bookstore, do I own that software?

There are two options for faculty/staff members. If the software is purchased for outright, then the faculty/staff member owns the software at the time of purchase. However, if the faculty/staff member acquires the software under the Work at Home program for work-related purposes only, then that price covers only the media used solely for installation on a home computer, and the faculty/staff member does not own the software license. Instead, the University is paying for the license rights for all campus machines under the Campus Agreement. Under the Work at Home rights, if the faculty/staff member leaves BGSU, then they must delete the software from their system.  For information about the cost of each program visit this page.

For either option, the faculty/staff member is limited to one copy of Windows upgrade and one copy of Office for either the Macintosh or Windows.

What are Work At Home rights?

For a faculty/staff member who is part of the FTE count of BGSU, and uses Microsoft Office or Windows on campus, Microsoft allows that faculty/staff member to install one copy of that software at home for work related purposes only.

After I acquire the media from the Bookstore, is there anything else I need to do for this software?

After acquiring the media, the faculty/staff/student must register with Microsoft within 50 uses of the software. Registration can be done online or via telephone on the registration prompt. If the program is not registered before the 51st use, it will not start.

Is there a way to get help installing software in a faculty office or on a personally-owned system?

University support is limited to University systems in labs and offices, and is available through the Technology Support Center (419-372-0999). There is no University support for software installation on personally-owned systems.

If I have purchased Microsoft software through the Bookstore before, what happens when a newer version of that product becomes available and I am interested in using that newer version?

Microsoft does allow for faculty/staff/students to acquire a newer version of a product through the Bookstore when that product becomes available. The price is $64.99 plus tax for each product purchased and that software version will be owned by the purchaser. If a faculty/staff member wishes, they can instead acquire the media at the Bookstore for $10 under the Work at Home option. But under the Work at Home option, the software is not owned, and when the faculty/staff member leaves the University they must delete the software from their system.

Are Microsoft Project or Visio including in the licensing agreement?

No, they are not part of this agreement.

Are retired faculty and staff eligible to acquire this software from the Bookstore for use on their personal computer?

Only emeritus faculty are eligible to participate in either plan available to current faculty/staff. Emeritus Faculty are considered part of the current FTE count of the university. Only faculty and staff who are part of the current FTE count are allowed to acquire the software. Other retired faculty and staff are not eligible to participate in this program.

If I am considered both a faculty/staff member and a student, what status do I use?

In terms of this agreement, you are categorized according to your primary classification. For example, if you are a graduate student who teaches, you are considered a student, as this is your primary classification. Likewise, if you are a student who is also a student employee, you are considered a student in terms of this agreement.

Where do I find the Product Use Rights?

Click here to locate the Microsoft Product Use Rights document. Under 'Select a Document to Search', click on the Document Type link.  In the Document Type window click on 'PUR' for Product Use Rights.  When the Region window displays, click on 'North America'.  Then, when the Language Window displays, click on 'English'.  In the Search Results table, you will see one document title.  Click on that link to see the current Product Use Rights document.  New versions are published every calendar quarter (January 1, April 1, July 1 and October 1).

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