Blackboard FAQs

Participating in Courses on Blackboard


  How do I enroll in a class on Blackboard?

Enrollment in all classes on Blackboard has been automated based on registration information gathered by the Office of Registration and Records for that semester. The enrollment process will run daily through the add/drop period. After that, the process will be run weekly. Students who have added or dropped a course will be updated and the change reflected on the class roster the following day.

The Blackboard system interprets the phrase 'Enrollment in a Blackboard course' as the ability to participate in everything and use all the features on the course web site (get announcements, see events on the calendar, post messages to discussion boards, enter the chat room, etc.). Your official registration for classes at BGSU insures that you have that access.


I just registered for classes but I see "You are not currently enrolled in any courses" in the My Blackboard Courses module and "Courses in which you are participating, none" under the Courses tab. What's up?

The content in My Blackboard Courses module and under the Courses tab is related to the instructor's use of Blackboard. If your instructor does not use Blackboard, your class will never be listed. If your instructor does use Blackboard, the link will appear when the instructor is ready for you to view the content. Use My Class Schedule for official confirmation of your registration.


How do I get my Class Schedule?

You can print your class schedule from within the My Services module in MyBGSU. When you click on the My Class Schedule link, your schedule for the current semester is displayed by default. To look at your schedule for the next semester, you will use both buttons at the top right corner of the page that displays your current schedule. The first button is a menu that contains a list of active semesters (e.g. class schedules currently available). Click and hold to view the list. Select the semester you want and then click on the "Get Schedule" button.


How do I access my course on Blackboard?

When instructors is ready for students to access their courses on Blackboard, students will see a link to the course in these two places:

  • on their Blackboard page in their My Blackboard Courses module
  • on their Courses page under "Courses in which you are participating:"

Students can only view a course link if the faculty member has made the course available.


Why does a course that I am enrolled in this semester not appear on my Course list?

Students can only view a course link if the faculty member has made the course available. This task is not performed automatically. It is up to the discretion of the faculty member to decide when his/her Blackboard course is developed and should be utilized.


Why does a course that I was enrolled in last semester still appear on my Course list?

A course you took last semester still appears on your course list because the faculty member still has this course set as available. Contact that faculty member to get this problem resolved.


How do I access my grades for BGSU courses?

Grades for BGSU courses are accessible in the My Grades application in the My Services module in MyBGSU. Grades for the last 3 semesters (e.g. Fall, Spring & Summer) are available. If you were not registered for classes, no grades will be posted for that semester. The date that grades will be posted for the current semester will be viewable when you click on the My Grades link so you will know well in advance when you can check the portal for your current semester's grades. When those grades are posted, the grades for the same semester a year earlier will no longer be accessible with the My Grades application. For example, this Fall's grades will replace last Fall's grades.


If I am a student and need help using Blackboard, where should I go?

For personal assistance using the modules and tools within Blackboard, students should go to the Student Tech Center in 103 Olscamp Hall. Students who are having problems getting into their Blackboard account should contact the Technology Support Center by phone at 419-372-0999 or in person in Hayes Hall 110.

Students can also consult these online resources: