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Using Putty on a PC for SSH Access to BGUnix


Creating a new profile

In order to create a new profile in PuTTY, you must fill out the following fields in the Session menu:

  • Host Name (or IP address) -
  • Port - 22
  • Connection Type - SSH
  • Saved Sessions - bgunix (or any other name you wish to save this profile to)

You also need to enable X11 forwarding.

  • Click the + next to SSH in the Category window and click on X11 to highlight it
  • Click the checkbox to Enable X11 Forwarding
  • Click Session in the Category menu to return to the original screen

X11 Forwarding Window


At this point you may press Save and your new profile will be added to the list.

Save Button Window

Logging In

Log into BGUnix (open your saved profile)

  • Make sure that Session is highlighted in the Category box
  • Locate the Load, save, or delete a stored session box and click the profile you wish to open (e.g. bgunix) to highlight it
  • Click the Open button to start your session

Open Session Window


The first time you open a profile you may receive a message box like this:

Unix Warning Window

It indicates that you are making a connection a different system with the name BGUnix.  Since the system has been upgraded,  press the Yes button to continue on to your session.  You will not be asked again the next time you connect.