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Using Terminal on Mac for SSH Access to BGUnix


Starting the Terminal

-The Terminal application resides is in the Utilities folder. To open up the Utilities folder in the Finder menu click Go and then select Utilities or use the following shortcut [Shift+Cmd+U].

Connecting to BGUNIX

-In the Terminal menu click Shell and then New Remote Connection…

-This will open a Connect to server dialog box. In the left side of the window can be selected the type of service. BGUNIX supports the following protocols SSH (version 2), SFTP and SCP.

-Select SSH from the Service list and then select server from the servers list. If is not in the list then click on the “+” button below the servers list and add the server to the list.

-Next type in your user name in the User field and choose SSH Protocol 2 from the protocols version dropdown list.

-Click Connect and new terminal window will appear asking for your BGUNIX password. Enter the password and you have successfully logged in to your BGUNIX account. (Note: The first time that you connect, you may receive a prompt that references the RSA key fingerprint. Type yes, and then press Enter to continue.)

Save your connection as a shortcut

-Once you have successfully established a connection you can save the connection as a shortcut so that you will not need to re-enter the connection information.

-While connected to the server in the Terminal menu, click File and select Save. In the Save dialog box enter a name for the shortcut and select where you want to save the shortcut to (e.g., to your Desktop).