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Using Fetch v5 on Mac OS X to Access BGUnix


Fetch is available on Mac OS X systems in ITS Computer Labs.  It can also be downloaded at

Starting Fetch

-The Fetch application resides in the Applications folder. To open up the Applications folder in the Finder menu click on Go and then select Applications. You can also use the [Shift+Cmd+A] shortcut.

Picture of the Go menu with Applications selected

Connecting to BGUNIX

-Enter the bgunix address in the hostname field. In the Username and password fields enter your bgunix username and password. The BGUNIX supports the following protocols SSH (version 2), SFTP and SCP. Select SFTP in the Connect using field. Click on the Connect button to establish the connection.

Transfer a file from BGUNIX to your local computer

-Before you start transferring files from BGUNIX configure the folder where the transferred files will be saved. To do this in the Fetch menu click on Preferences.

Fetch menu with Preferences selected

-In the Fetch Preferences dialog box select the Download tab. In the ‘Save downloaded files to’ field select the destination folder for your transferred files (e.g. Desktop).

  Fetch Preferences window

-In the Fetch connection window select the file you want to transfer to your local computer (e.g. file in our case). Once you have selected the desired file click on the Get button.

  Fetch window with Get button circled

Transfer a file to BGUNIX

-Click on the Put button to open the dialog windows where you can choose which file to transfer.

Fetch window with Put button circled

-A dialog window will open where you have to browse and select the file you want to transfer. Once you have selected the file click on the Put button to perform the file transfer.