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MSIT Academy Courses

A Windows Live ID is needed to access Microsoft IT Academy.  Click here if you need to create a Windows Live ID account

To access E-Learning courses, use the following steps:

  1. From the listing below, copy the access code beside the course you are interested in completing.
  2. Click the course link provided below.  A new window to a Microsoft web site will open.
  3. In the section entitled Enter Access Code, review the End User License Agreement and then select the checkbox provided to indicate that you have read and accept the agreement.
  4. Type or paste the appropriate access code in the access code box.
  5. Click the enter button.

You will be prompted to sign in to the Microsoft E-Learning website.  Click the sign in button and enter your Windows Live ID information.


Available CourseAccess Code
[ click here to see course descriptions ]
Access 2007 (collection)9069-H2G6-9413
Access 2010 - Beginner Level9197-X6C4-7615
Access 2010 - Intermediate Level7973-G6B5-4912
Access 2010 - Advanced Level9842-M6V5-3677
Excel 2007 (collection)6203-D9S4-0557
Excel 2010 - What's New8886-S4B5-7171
Excel 2010 - Beginner Level8187-M4V7-1394
Excel 2010 - Intermediate7012-R9U9-3366
Excel 2010 - Advanced7849-E6Y7-5609
Office 2010 - What's New7250-P5L9-5255
OneNote 2007 (collection)7067-D7H6-9309
OneNote 20106560-Y8S4-8716
Outlook 2007 (collection)9699-B8F7-0002
Outlook 2010 - What's New7177-D3A6-6711
Outlook 2010 - Beginner7177-D3A6-6711
Outlook 2010 - Advanced9266-V8X7-6268
Outlook 2010 (collection)9856-D2R2-3468
PowerPoint 2007 (collection)9219-K4F6-6380
PowerPoint 2010 - Beginner6941-E2L2-6804
PowerPoint 2010 - Advanced9320-D6N3-1416
PowerPoint 2010 - Intermediate6462-C6V9-6123
Word 2007 (collection)6794-Y3Z3-3298
Word 2010 - What's New8836-D3L6-6300
Word 2010 - Beginner8151-D9D2-8529
Word 2010 - Intermediate8092-S4B9-0286
Word 2010 - Advanced8991-W7Z4-3464

Last Updated:  July 6, 2011