Technology Support Center

Simple Project Request Form


This form is used to initiate the planning process for Information Technology (IT) related projects that require less than 80 total hours of total effort (including design, development and testing).  Please consult with your IT contact to determine the total effort estimate for your request before submitting this form.  If you are unsure who to work with on the estimate, please contact the Technology Support Center for assistance.   

Click here for an example of a completed form. 

First and Last Name
Full Valid BGSU Email Address (e.g.
Phone Number (for contact purposes)
VP Area:
Requesting Department
Main Department Contact
Anticipated Completion Date
Brief description of the request.  (Explain what the project is and why it’s important.  Be sure to include requirements and the business problem that needs to be resolved.)
Why should this request be considered?
List resources available within your department to assist with request.
Preliminary Effort Estimate
(Total hours for all University staff required by this project)
IT Contact