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Hosted Conference Call Request Form


BGSU has, as part of its agreement with Qwest, the ability to have hosted multi-party conference calls.  You will need to put in a request to have a hosted multi-party conference call set up if a conference call is needed that will have more than 6 participants or will, at some point in the conference call, not have an on-campus phone as a participant.  If the total number of participants is 6 or less and at least 1 participant is on an on-campus phone, you can use the conference feature that is part of the campus phone system.  Click here for those instructions.

To submit a request to have a hosted multi-party conference call set up, please fill in the information requested below.  Based on information provided in this form, a case ticket will be generated, and you will receive an email confirming the case ticket.  When the conference call has been set up, the requestor will be given a passcode and a toll-free number to give to the participants to use to join the conference.

If a department knows that they will be having reoccurring conferences, they can be set up with their own conference that the department can turn on and off as needed.  Add this request in the note field.

Note: Requests to set up hosted multi-party conference calls must be made at least 3 work days (72 hours excluding weekends and holidays) before of the call.    

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