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List Registration Form

This form is used to create new lists, and should not be used to subscribe to existing lists. For information on subscribing to existing lists, please see "A Subcriber's Quick Reference Guide to BGSU's LISTSERV".

To apply for an electronic mailing list, enter the information requested in the fields below. If you need to re-enter a particular item, click on that field and backspace over your previous information. To start over from the beginning, click the "Clear" button at the bottom. When you are ready to send your request, click the "Submit" button on the bottom.

University PID#
Last Name
First Name
The individual responsible for maintaining and configuring the list, hereafter referred to as the list owner.

Full Valid BGSU Email Address:
E-mail address of list owner.

Other List Owners:
E-mail addresses of others who should also be list owners.

Desired List Name
A list name is the address or account name of the mailing list. Course numbers followed by a hyphen and the list owner's initials are recommended for course list names (for example, ENG112-DS). List names are limited to 22 characters.

List Submissions - Who should send messages to the list.

List Subscriptions - Who should add members to the list.

List Usage  - How the list is to be configured.
Discussion List
One-way Announcement

Expiration Date
Date for list removal. Leave blank for year round use.

Any message sent from your list will have the this title displayed in the FROM field. Titles cannot exceed 35 characters.

Is there any other information you want to convey to us about this LISTSERV request?

You will be notified through e-mail when the LISTSERV mailing list is ready for use. Please remember you will need to subscribe to your list before you can send and receive messages.