Office BGSU Exchange E-mail/Calendar Account


Application Form

Name of Department or Organization
Department/Organization Address
Department/Organization Phone
Name of Applicant (account owner)
(Applicant must be the head of the University department or office, chair of the University faculty or staff group or the faculty or staff advisor of the registered student group)
Applicant's BGSU I.D. Number
Applicant's E-Mail Address
Contact Person
Contact Phone
Add Another Contact (click once per additional contact to add)
(The contact person has the additional responsibility of approving access changes to the account along with the account owner.  The Contact Person will be the person ITS will contact for routine matters related to the account.)

E-mail account example:
From: Department of Bicycle Training  <>
                                “Department of Bicycle Training” is an e-mail identification name.
                                “dbt” is the account name portion of the e-mail address.
                                “” is the e-mail address.

I wish to sign up for:E-mail and Calendar      Calendar Only

1) Select a Account Username that all users of the office account will use to log into the BGSU E-mail system, represented by “dbt” in the example above.  The chosen name must reasonably represent the department, organization or function.

  • The name must consist of 3 to 16 letters or numbers and may not contain spaces.
  • The name must begin with a letter.
  • ITS reserves the right to disallow nonconforming usernames.
         Account Username:

2) Select an Account Display Name:  This will be like “Department of Bicycle Training” in the example above.  You may use any number of letters, numbers or spaces, up to 35 characters in length.  It will appear on all OUTGOING mail.  The e-mail identification name must clearly represent the department or organization.

        Account Display Name:

3) Provide the name,  e-mail address and type of access for others in your department, office or group using this account:

                               Type of access:  Read/Write Access Read Only Access
                               Type of access:  Read/Write Access Read Only Access
                               Type of access:  Read/Write Access Read Only Access

Please provide a brief description of how this account will be used.

Enter any other information you want to convey to us about this request.

   I have read and agree to the terms in the
               Office BGSU Exchange E-mail/Calendar Account Agreement

ITS will notify the Contact Person by e-mail with the account information when the account is created.  Then the Contact Person or head of the department or group or student advisor and others specified in this application may access the account using the guides posted here: