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Activate/Deactivate Department Long Distance Code

(Department Contact only)

To submit a request to activate/deactivate a department long distance code, please provide the information requested below. Your department's budget administrator's approval is required before filling out this form. Based on information provided in this form, a case ticket will be generated to address your problem, and you will receive an email confirming the case ticket. Your request will be completed as soon as possible.

Charges for calls will be billed on a monthly basis to the budget associated with the DDC number provided on this form.

Contact's BGSU ID
Contact's First and Last Name
Contact's Full Valid BGSU Email Address (e.g. )
Contact's Phone Number (for contact purposes)
Service Information
Type of service
First and Last Name of Employee using this code
Employee's BGSU ID
Employee's Full Valid BGSU Email Address (e.g. )
Employee's Assigned Phone Number (if applicable)
Department Number for budget to be charged for calls
Enter any special instructions or information concerning this request here: