Technology Support Center

Telephone Problem Form


To submit a request for help with a problem on a university telephone, please provide the information requested below. Based on information provided in this form, a case ticket will be generated to address your problem, and you will receive an email confirming the case ticket.

First and Last Name
Full Valid BGSU Email Address (e.g.
Phone Number of telephone that has the problem
Alternate Phone Number where we can get a message to you
Problem Location
Room Number
Problem Information
Type of Phone (choose one)
If other:
What is the problem?
No dial tone
Can't hear
Can't be heard
Can't call out
Unit will not ring
Unit was stolen
Unit is broken
Wall phone is off wall
Voice cuts in and out
Phone Display (note what the display says and what it should say below)
If the problem is other than one of the above listed, enter a detailed description of the problem or request. Please include as much information as possible.