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Voicemail Assistance for Students


(Students Only)

To submit a request for help with a voicemail account, please provide the information requested below. Based on information provided in this form, a case ticket will be generated to address your need, and you will receive an email confirming the case ticket.

Please request changes to your current room location only. Students occupying your previous room must make their own request to clear the mailboxes for that room.

This request will be processed within two business days after the voicemail administrator receives this information. You will be emailed when this request has been processed.

For detailed instructions on using the voice mail system, students in residence halls should reference the document Using the Student Voicemail System.

First and Last Name
Full Valid BGSU Email Address
Dorm Phone Number
Date of Birth
(for security purposes)
Voice Mail Location
Building & Room Number
Voicemail Setup
Request Standard Voicemail box
Request Bulletin Board
(allows you to record an announcement for callers to hear but callers cannot leave messages)
Request Multiple Voicemail boxes
Remove Voicemail from the Phone Line
(This announcement will play after 4 rings: "You have reached a residence hall room at Bowling Green State University that currently does not have voicemail set up to take messages. Please find another way to contact the student.")
Service Required
Clear/Reset Personal Mailbox
Unlock My voicemail
(the system is saying "Contact System Administrator")

Check here if you need instructions emailed to you

Other - Please explain below
Enter a detailed description of the problem or request. Please include as much information as possible.