Virus Removal


Personally Owned Machines

Students, Faculty, Staff and Retirees

The Technology Support Center provides virus removal support for personally owned machines. This service will be provided free of charge to all students, faculty, staff, and retirees of Bowling Green State University. Users may bring the machine to be scanned to the Technology Support Center during the walk-in hours posted on their website and the user will be contacted once an evaluation of the machine has been completed.

A machine provided to the Technology Support Center will be evaluated using several different scanning applications and if possible, any identified viruses will be removed. All users of the virus removal support service should be aware that virus scans do place stress on computer hardware and that viruses may embed themselves within critical system files. The Technology Support Center uses only the safest and most up-to-date scanning methods available; however, the Technology Support Center will not be liable for hardware damages caused to personal machines during the scanning process or any damages caused to the system by virus files resulting in damage to the Operating System.

Some viruses are simply beyond the ability of modern, safe scanning to remove. In this situation, the Technology Support Center will not be able to remove the virus on a personal machine free of charge. If a machine in this condition is a Apple, Dell or HP system, we offer support via Hardware Support in reinstalling your Operating System for the standard fee. If the machine is made by a different manufacturer, there are several businesses in town that could provide a similar service.  For more information about current virus threats and for tips on maintaining personal security, please visit our Information Security Page.

For help protecting your machine from viruses, visit our Virus Protection Page.


University Owned Machines

In Office Virus Removal

Please contact the Technology Support Center by phone or e-mail.  As viruses pose a significant risk of spreading to other machines and causing further damage, we provide the fastest possible service for these machines.  After an incident is created for your case, a technician will be out as soon as possible to look at your machine.

Drop Off Virus Removal

If you have a University Owned laptop with a virus, you can drop it off in 110 Hayes Hall in the Technology Support Center.  A machine dropped off in the TSC will be assigned to the appropriate technician for work and returned to the Technology Support Center for pickup.

For help protecting your machine from viruses, visit our Virus Protection Page.